BlookUp gets a makeover !



For several months, our team have been working to provide you with greater comfort in the creation of your blook. We have been very attentive to your many comments and wish to satisfy them today.

We have implemented two major new features that will make creating your blook even more fun:

1 –A media library to better manage all of your photos. The media library brings together all the visuals of your social network or your blog.
You can now :

> Replace, delete and modify images of your posts and articles.
> Add new images from your computer or smartphone to deposit them in the media library.
> Access all the visual resources of your media library.
> Detect the quality of the visual of your cover.

2 – A new editing tool to better lay out your text and photos. You can now :

> Make line breaks between your texts, finally 🙂
> Delete, move and / or modify your photos in posts and articles.
> Change the layout of your photos.
> Modify the captions of your photos.

As of today, you can have all of these features.
Your social book will be more successful !

The first online alternative to print your tweets in paper book!

On Twitter, content quickly escapes its authors. A barely shared tweet will immediately be commented on, retweeted and “liked” before getting lost in the incessant flow of tweets and falling into oblivion. We therefore present to you a world first, the possibility of archiving your tweets in paper book.

BlookUp launches a new Twitter book! This new innovative “blook” allows you to record your tweets in paper book. From the most popular, controversial or precious tweets, go from instant to posterity.

With its compact format (11 × 17 cm), this paper book of your tweets fully customizable (color and cover photo of your choice) therefore offers you the possibility of archiving, editing and thus extending the scope of your tweets over the period of your choice.

A dedicated interface allows you to select your tweets in order to create different chapters from the same account.

To start editing the book of your tweets, simply go to from your smartphone, tablet or computer, then connect to your Twitter account using a secure protocol. It should be noted that no download is required and the layout is generated automatically and instantly. Simplicity of execution is the strength of the solution developed by BlookUp. So what are you waiting for to print your blook?

Save the tweets from #confinement on Twitter!

Every day, discover in our BlookSpace all our #blookdujour, social books that raise the news of the day. Find the debates and reactions shared by Internet users on Twitter in these blooks! Since March, we have been living in a particularly new situation … Save your strongest memories with a blook!

What has this containment brought you? How did it hurt you? Have you reacted on your favorite social network all along? Keep track of it.

If this period is new and almost extraordinary, it will have been beneficial for some of us. Between creativity, multiplied time, gone stress … certain aspects of confinement are positive.
We had time for ourselves, and time for our social networks. BlookUp allows you to print your favorite networks and then transforms them into a durable object.


Do not hesitate to consult our Bookspace! Share your experiences by creating your blooks. Sell them on the Blookspace to share it with those around you or with your community 😉

Print your Twitter account? It’s possible !

Exclusively … What if you could archive your tweets in a few minutes and immortalize them in a book? Well, this is possible thanks to BlookUp. Our e-commerce platform offers you a simple and innovative solution to transform your tweets into a paper book of your Twitter account in pocket format.

Rien de plus simple qu’éditer votre blook…  

To create your book of tweets, you must log on to our website and choose the product “The book of my tweets”. Click on the button “I discover my book”, then connect to your Twitter account, finally, authorize access by a secure protocol from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The creation of the account is free and secure.

You will then need to select the source you want to import and then the period of time that your book will include.

Our Twitter books have a limit of 300 pages, so we recommend that you do not choose too long a period, depending on your frequency of publication.
Don’t worry, you can refresh your Twitter book to change this period at any time and also create multiple volumes.

BlookUp takes care of the automatic generation of your Twitter book, the waiting time generally depends on the size of the content you import, but does not exceed a few minutes.

You can then edit your content as you see fit. Your book finally ready for printing, you just have to launch the order, it will be delivered to you within 8 days!

Discover employee advocacy and make blooks your best ally

Employee advocacy is a term for the desire to see your employees become ambassadors for your company. This strategy is a priority for anyone who understands the impact of social networks; therefore, the blook becomes the best way to optimize this approach.

Highlight the work of all your employees

Establishing a successful digital strategy takes time and motivation. However, the impact generated by the posts only last a few hours. Printing the content of your professional social networks will allow you to extend the reach of your publications, while promoting the hard work of your teams.

Make internal communication your asset

Why not place your company’s blooks near the coffee machine or a place to pause to encourage to encourage your employees to meet and exchange around your online content? This will increase the visibility of your brand and give it an even more positive image.

Don’t leave anyone behind!

Each member of your team may not have time to look at the company’s online activity or may simply not have social media. Thanks to blooks, you can give them all a quick wink on the activity of your structure and allow them to integrate into it.

Discover all our professionals books

Federate your team and improve cohesion

Employee advocacy allows employees of your company to speak. A real springboard for your company! It also allows them to live at the rhythm of the company and to post content around it. Create the blooks of your professional networks, support their participation and give them motivation to include themselves in this corporate strategy.

They will be able to see their own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter content through the pages of your future business blooks.

Your blook is a real reporting tool

The most important in an established strategy are the statistics. A blook is a perfect assessment tool, capable of judging the success of your strategy downstream. By opening your books, you will have a direct look at your posts and content. In addition, your teams will be able to understand what works and what doesn’t and adapt to it.