3 Questions to : Pauline BRESSON / Marketing & Communication Executive Hilton Paris Opéra

Which blooks have you created and in what context have you been using them?

We have opted for the creation of our Instagram blook. The square format and its visual aspect seemed to work well with our digital communications strategy since we primarily post visual content.

“It’s new to use print to highlight actions that you have taken up on social media! “

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3 Reasons why you should use our Instagram blook for your business.

Hosting 1 billion user accounts, Instagram is a prime example of the success of visual sharings online. 25 million businesses are on Instagram and more accounts are being created every day. From images to videos to stories, Instagram is perfect for businesses that are trying to impress their target audience with creative quality content.

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5 Reasons why businesses should turn their social media accounts into books!

“Blooks”, or social media books, are extensions of your social networking accounts. They enable you to keep track of your posts, help you involve your teams, and most importantly help you create strong bonds with your customers.

There are probably thousands of reasons why you should compile your professional social media posts into books. But our team decided that there are 5 main and highly beneficial reasons on why businesses should turn their social media accounts into “blooks”.

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