RATP extends the impact of its social networks via BlookUp


When it comes to social media, it is crucial to look back at what has been shared to assess the efficiency of the current strategy, to enhance the shared publications, to present the content to the teams etc. This task can quickly get complicated, as there are so many social media platforms online. Unless you use a blook!

RATP, also known as the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, is a state-owned public transport operator and maintainer headquartered in Paris, France. The group has wished to “materialize” the content of its social media pages and to enhance the value of it’s digital strategy. Nadine Kerganou, the group’s digital and conversational communications manager talks about the different uses of the blook by the service.

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ADP’s digital content on the runway for a new departure!


On social media platforms, posts have a lifetime of only a few hours before vanishing completely. BlookUp finds a way around the immediacy of social media by materializing your content with “blooks”. 

Group ADP – previously Aéroports de Paris – wanted to prolong the effects of their posts and highlight their digital endeavors. Arnaud Gaulupeau, community and influence manager of Paris Aéroport, talks about the various uses of the blook within the group:

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5 Reasons why businesses should turn their social media accounts into books!

“Blooks”, or social media books, are extensions of your social networking accounts. They enable you to keep track of your posts, help you involve your teams, and most importantly help you create strong bonds with your customers.

There are probably thousands of reasons why you should compile your professional social media posts into books. But our team decided that there are 5 main and highly beneficial reasons on why businesses should turn their social media accounts into “blooks”.

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