The best free apps to edit your Instagram photos!

Do you love taking pictures with your smartphone, wish for a more professional finish so you can share the best ones on Instagram?

Thanks to some apps developed in recent years, you no longer need to be a pro to take beautiful photos.

What apps can you download that will produce beautiful final results?  

Here is a selection of the best free apps to take care of your Instagram feed.

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Change your Tumblr into a book, nothing more simple with BlookUp!

For years, you’ve been posting on your Tumblr blog with your own creations, your photos, or your articles.

What if you could, in a few clicks, immortalize your best publications in a book?

What if you could feel the pleasure of reading it in its physical form? To keep it close to hand, sharing it with your family and friends and ensuring that your work won’t be lost?

BlookUp offers a simple and efficient solution to turn your Tumblr into a beautiful book. The originality of it is about the automated solution: you don’t need to download an app, or transfer any files, or export them, or set pages…

Can it really be that easy to turn your Tumblr into a book?

Follow this guide! 😉Tumblr cover book

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