How to print the book of myTwitter?

So, this is the big day, you have decided to connect to our platform and create your Twitter book to keep track of your best tweets.

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To do so, on your screen, you will be able to view the preview of your Twitter book and move to the previous page using the side arrows.The second button will allow you to go directly to the desired page and have a global view of your Twitter book.

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How to generate the book of my Twitter?

What if you could in a few minutes archive your tweets and immortalize them in a book? Well, this is possible thanks to BlookUp. Our e-commerce platform offers you a simple and innovative solution to turn your tweets into a pocket-size paper book.

Book of Twitter
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3 Questions to : Patricia Le Gal, Head of Lorient Archives

Which blook format did you choose? Why?

We opted for the Facebook blook. This format is perfectly suited to our expectations as the majority of the content published on our Facebook page is relayed on other social media platforms. We also share more information about the visits organized by the animation of Lorient’s heritage on Facebook than we publish in full on other networks.

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Extend the impact of your professional tweets!

500 million tweets are shared everyday on Twitter. In this constant flow of information, these posts remain transient and only impact their key audience partially.

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In order to solve this issue, BlookUp launches an original solution aiming to extend the impact of professional Twitter accounts : the twitter Classic! This new “blook” enables companies to gather the high-points of their news alongside their key audience whilst enhancing the value of their digital endeavors.

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