3 Reasons why you should use our Instagram blook for your business.

Hosting 1 billion user accounts, Instagram is a prime example of the success of visual sharings online. 25 million businesses are on Instagram and more accounts are being created every day. From images to videos to stories, Instagram is perfect for businesses that are trying to impress their target audience with creative quality content.

But the main problem with this competitive social media platform is that the contents posted online only last for a few hours before vanishing in news feeds. What if you could give your digital content a second life and showcase it on your events ? In your stores ? Continue reading “3 Reasons why you should use our Instagram blook for your business.”

The Guide for images dimensions on all social networks!

In order to differentiate yourself and create engagement, it is important to publish impacting photos on your social networks.

No matter if you are a brand or an individual, it is crucial to adapt your photo’s dimensions to each platform’s standards.

Here is the guide for images dimensions on all social networks !

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Instagram book inner photos

Easily print Instagram photos with BlookUp!

As the back to school period is fast approaching, you’re probably wondering how to compile your memories that are currently drowning and disappearing in your Instagram feed. How can you  save them and relive them again and again?

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You take pictures, you post, you like… And now you can blook!

Discover the new service that gives value to your digital contents!

Blogs appeared in the 90’s. First used by professionals and companies, private individuals haven’t waited to adopt those digital spaces of expression. Maybe you too own a blog like 250 millions of people in the world?

Blogs and social networks have replaced private journals: nowadays, people like to speak about them, what they love, their passions and express the need to share every single moment of their daily life. And while we spend more and more time feeding digital accounts, BlookUp offers to do the opposite: give tangible form again to digital contents to turn them into books.

Inventor of this new use, BlookUp allows to “blook” (contraction of the words “book” and “blog”) your blogs or social networks accounts, to materialize your virtual contents in the form of a book, using the codes of a traditional publication. That is to say with a customized cover, pagination, table of contents…


Why make your blook?

If blogs and social networks are amazing spaces to express yourself, internet remains insubstantiable and this accumulation of digital posts is pointless if it’s not shared or valued. That’s where book still have a bright future, because beyond a reminder book or a sharing book, making your blog book is an event, it’s making YOUR book. By creating theur blook, bloggers customized their cover, adjust the layout, they give life to a publication, a transmissible work, certainly modest but dear to them and the ones they love.

Because the content of a blog is often very personal and concerns a family, it requires investment, passion, time to write, post… The more time they spend on their blog or their social network accounts, the more the authors want to keep a material track of their work.

Already 8000 bloggers have made their blook, what about you?


Print the book of your WordPress blog

You have a blog on WordPress that you have created several months or several years ago? And you regularly publish posts and pictures on this private space? Like many people that are passionate, you invest your time and energy to make you blog everyday. And like many people, you maybe tell yourself that it would be great if you could one day print the book of your blog and keep a material track of its digital content!

Well, thanks to BlookUp it’s now possible. To save your content, print it for yourself or to offer to others; printing a blog is now a reality for all bloggers.

livre ouvert 4

BlookUp is indeed the only platform to offer to print the content of a WordPress blog without the need to get into a tiresome process, or to install a page setting software.

BlookUp is an online service dedicated to private individuals that allows to upload all the content of WordPress blogs (but also from other platforms and social networks) and to lay-out automatically all or part of that content to turn it into a book or an Ebook.

On the platform, the blogger chooses the publication period, the posts that he wishes to keep, lay-out options such as: typography, titles size, pictures size… Then, he customises the cover and back cover of its book (that becomes a “blook”, contraction of the words “book” and “blog”).


The blogger can finally see in a few clicks the preview of its book and if he’s satisfied, he can order it directly online! The book is printed in France and delivered in a few days to its home, everywhere in the world. What are you waiting to begin?

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