ADP’s digital content on the runway for a new departure!

On social media platforms, posts have a lifetime of only a few hours before vanishing completely. BlookUp finds a way around the immediacy of social media by materializing your content with “blooks”. 

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Tumblr landscape inner book

Print Tumblr Posts with BlookUp!

For years, you’ve been posting on your Tumblr blog with your own creations, your photos, or your articles.

What if you could, in a few clicks, immortalize your best publications in a book?

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Instagram book inner photos

Easily print Instagram photos with BlookUp!

As the back to school period is fast approaching, you’re probably wondering how to compile your memories that are currently drowning and disappearing in your Instagram feed. How can you  save them and relive them again and again?

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The book of Facebook for Community Managers

As a Social Media Manager or Community Manager, Facebook is probably your main communication tool.

The task of animating it is yours, but have you ever taken a look back on everything you’ve accomplished? Do you have a written record of  all the hard work generated throughout the year, the number of publications, reactions, shares, comments? Do you possess a decision support toolproof of the impact of your work?

BlookUp has the ideal solution for you: The book of your Facebook page!


The ideal tool for conscientious CMs

You embody the image of your business by posting diverse and engaging content, organizing events, contests, and responding to comments with strong punchlines and gifs.

This daily work is ceaseless and constantly renewing itself, and as each publication is chasing another, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of each action conducted online.

The Facebook book is the paper support that will allow you to:

  • Regularly report on the activity of your page(s), month by month;
  • Discuss with your teams and superiors the editorial line, how to work on visuals, how to write publications
  • Take stock of the actions and publications that worked, the commitment and feedback from your community through the accurate transcription of comments and the number of reactions to it;
  • Valuing your work to your managers!


Promote your business in a unique way

By immortalizing the engagement of your fans, your best events or marketing operations and have a physical copy of your production, you will also surprise your employees, customers or partners.

There’s nothing like a real paper book to prove that Community Managers are not just lounging on Facebook all day long! 😉

The Facebook Fan page book can even become an internal communication journal for your company!


How does it work?

We take care of everything, you will receive your books directly at home or at work! Just contact our sales department by email at!

We propose tailor-made subscriptions.

BlookUp also prints your Instagram and Twitter books, and of course the books of your company blogs, so take the opportunity to impress your colleagues today!

Mainichi Shinbun, the Japanese blooming newspaper!

News are literally sowing and blooming to make gardens and balconies more beautiful!

In the collective imagination, we can easily see paper burning to warm us during cold winter times or to light our barbecues, but we don’t think about making it recyclable to the point of returning it to the earth!


This amazing concept comes from Japan, where the Mainichi Shinbun (毎 日 新聞), a daily newspaper created in 1872 and printed over 5 million copies, came up with the idea of proposing a bio-degradable and easy-to-plant paper version of itself! The project, entitled “Green Newspaper”, has been very successful with an urban Japanese population keen on reconnecting with nature.

You just have to crumble the paper (a mixture of recycled paper, seeds, grass, water, flowers such as daisies, poppies or roses and vegetable ink), disperse it in freshly worked soil, add water, and voila! A pretty plant that grows for the pleasure of the eyes!



The Mainichi Shinbun newspaper is renowned in Japan for its environmentally friendly views, and a good way to demonstrate its commitment was to instruct the  advertising agency Dentsu to set up this project, which is also a particularly successful marketing campaign: This version of the newspaper was truly distributed in a limited number of copies and only for a special occasion. But at least, it intrigued people and made them think about their daily use of paper.

While waiting for our local and national newspapers to be inspired by this unusual and well-founded idea, it is always possible to bring back a rare paper copy of the Mainichi Shinbun from your next trip to Japan, or to start learning Japanese with its online version (in English here).


Article source – Photos credits: Peopleofprint