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During several months, and thanks to numerous WordPress users eager to put our concept to the test. We established a list of recurring bugs due to compatibility issues between our tool import and applications.

Although aware of the magnitude of the problem, the BlookUp Team also had to face during this summer a serie of difficulties and unforeseen events?

Thisdelayed the release of a viable solution for blogs and bloggers.

In addition, to daily corrections brought to current bugs on all blogging platforms.  Our technical team is also working hard to improve our import tool and our global technical resouces.

It is a long and essential process to go through, and sometimes difficult to estimate in terms of time. 

But now, after several months of development, our tool is finally ready to go!

Among other things, changes have been brought to the galleries’ management

Many things are still awaiting for more improvement, but we are happy ton announce that you can try today a new import of your WordPress blog by visiting this link and logging in to your account!

If you come accross other difficulties after the import, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at ! Inorder for us to help, guide you and bring you the best experience possible.

warning signThis update only concerns blogs hosted by; An other update for blogs will see the light of day later and we will announce it when it is ready!

Don’t know if you’re hosted by or ? See this article to know everything about those 2 versions!

All the BlookUp Team is looking forward to see the book of your WordPress!

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Print the book of your WordPress blog

You have a blog on WordPress that you have created several months or several years ago? Do you regularly publish posts and pictures on this private space? Like many people that are passionate? You invest your time and energy to make you blog everyday and like many people, you maybe tell yourself that it would be great if you could one day print the book of your blog. All to keep track of its digital content!

Well, thanks to BlookUp it’s now possible. To save your content, print it for yourself or to offer to others! We have made printing a blog  a reality for all bloggers.

an open blog book

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Meeting with Frank, a basket lover and a blooker!

Two men on a basketball court

  • Tell us about yourself

Passionate about basket but also about writing, I opened Hoop Diary 7 years ago. First, it was a blog hosted on the website basketsession, and it was one of the “star blogs”. Then, the website was closed and I’ve created Hoop Diary on WordPress, to save all my writings.

I’m still very invested in the basket’s world, as a trainer after being Development Director for a minor ligue.

  • What is your blog about?

The first posts was really about my experience as a player and as a trainer, and my thoughts about it. My blog also contains videos of my trainings, it allows me to keep them somewhere.

Then, I’ve wanted to share stories around Toulouse’s basket, before they were forgotten. Finally, Hoop Diary became the website for all the pyrenean basket, some of my posts were shared on other websites.

At last, there are many categories on my blog, including “les routards du basket” (I retrace the steps of big players), “Hoop” (where I highlight picturest grounds). This last category gave birth to my Instagram account.

  • Why did you decide to print your  basketball blog?

I’ve always been fascinated by books, in general. A furnished library is the most valuable thing in my house! Print my blog was the chance for me to keep a paper track of my writings and give body to them thanks to the book. I also intend to publish my own book one day, about the pyrenean basket’s history.

  • How did you know BlookUp?

Thanks to a Valentine’s Day gift! My wife printed my Instagram account, and then I had my blog printed. She’s a blogger too, that’s how she discovered BlookUp.

  • What are the positive points?

The possibility to sort, organize the posts. It’s very easy.

A book with basketball instagram pictures

  • How can we improve our service?

More choices for the covers (colors, photos…). Some posts were in two different categories, so it was a little hard to classify them.

  • What do you think of your basketball blook?

The result is good, with quality paper. Regarding the Instagram blook, I think it’s perfect!

A book with instagram basketball pictures

  • What does your family think about your basketball blook?

The feedbacks are very positive, it gives a new life to my blog and allows them to dive into the posts again!

  • Would your recommend BlookUp?

Yes I would recommend BlookUp, and I will certainly make another blook in a while!

Two backcovers of basketball picture books

Your blog in 5 easy steps thanks to BlookUp

person typing on a computer with the text create your blog in 5 easy steps

Every day, more and more blogs are created on the Internet. A blog is not just a website, it is a place where bloggers can share whatever they want with everybody. They tell their stories, share their best places to go and talk about very different subjects.

Many people want to join this big worldwide community. Men, women, mothers, teenagers, students,… everyone can make a blog in 5 easy steps . The only thing to do is to follow some important steps.

Let’s start !

1-Choose the subject of your blog

Before launching your blog, you definitely have to know what it will be about. Subjects are everywhere : travels, food, fashion, cars, fitness, animals, cinema… If you are passionated about what you are blogging, then your readers will be passionated too.

2- Choose the good hosting platform

There are so many hosting platforms which permet you to create your own blog. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most famous. Friendly-using, plugins, SEO… every single characteristic is important.  Choose the one you will be the most comfortable with.

Wordpress and blogger logos

3- Create a blog you love

This is your own space. It has to correspond to your personality, to who you are and to what you love. It means choosing a nice name of blog, finding your own way of writing your articles, using your photos. The more your blog will correspond to you, the more you will enjoy writing articles… and the more your readers will love it !

4- Focus on quality content

Every single article must be written rigorously. For instance, incorrect spellings will make the reader loose the meaning of the text. He will only be focusing on these mistakes. If you know this is one of your weakness, then work on it ! And do not hesitate to read your post again and again before publishing it 😉

5- Talk with your readers

To create a relationship with your readers is something you have to keep in mind. In one word, blogging means sharing. If you share with them, then you will receive a lot (followers, comments, likes). So do not forget to answer their comments and questions as much as you can (even if it is not always easy when you have a lot of followers), talk to them, offer giveaways…etc.


Following 5 these 5 steps you can create your blog in 5 easy steps and print your blook on BlookUp!