The first online solution allowing you to gather your tweets in a paper book!

On Twitter, posts quickly escape their authors. Hardly shared, they are immediately commented, retweeted and liked before getting lost in the incessant stream of tweets.

BlookUp launches a new Twitter book! This innovative new “blook” allows you to assemble your most popular, controversial or emotional tweets in a book, and thus move from spontaneity to posterity.

With its compact size (11 x 17 cm), this fully customizable book (color and cover photo of your choice) offers you the possibility to archive, edit and extend the reach of your tweets over the period of your choice. A dedicated interface allows you to select your tweets and create different chapters from the same account.

Discover our newest blook : Twitter “Classic”

To edit your tweet book, simply go to from your smartphone, tablet or computer, and connect to your Twitter account using a secure protocol. No downloads are required and the layout is generated automatically and instantly. The simplicity of execution is the strength of the solution developed by BlookUp.

Your book, printed in France by a certified Eco-friendly company recognized for its commitment to sustainable development, is sent within 2 weeks, from the date of the order.

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