Your most beautiful posts in your printed Instagram … it’s possible!

After “MY TOP 100 TWEETS” that you loved, BlookUp is celebrating its “MY TOP 100 PHOTOS”!

Since its inception, BlookUp has never stopped innovating to offer you new social books. Today, we tell you more about the My Top 100: your 100 best Instagram photos.

From virtual to real

To photograph is to immortalize … provided you have a medium to keep!
Besides, what certainties can we have on the conservation of snapshots of our precious moments of life, hosted in servers? And then, how to consult and appreciate your favorite photos when they are drowned in a “feed”? How to reconnect with the pleasure that paper support provides?
BlookUp brings you a simple answer: the 100 best photos from your Instagram account gather in a quality paper book!

The social book is born!

We photograph, we share on Instagram, but there is no simple solution to keep your best photos. Our books stand out by integrating key elements of social networks such as captions, the number of likes and comments, and emoticons.

A printed book to save the best moments of his life!

Generated in just a few clicks, The “My Top 100 Photos”, limited to 110 pages, automatically compiles and orders in descending order the 100 most popular photos in an account (according to the number of “likes”).

To create the book “MY TOP 100 Photos”, nothing could be simpler!
Visit the site from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Then, connect to your Instagram account using a secure protocol.
Besides, no download is required and the book is generated in a few moments.
Ease of use is the strength of our solution!

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