World Photography Day: 3 tips for photo lovers!

Today, Wednesday August 19, BlookUp is celebrating World Photography Day! To mark the occasion, take a look at the 3 best photo tips.

  • The perfect spot

Whatever your camera type is, the most important thing is to choose your playground, like the rooftops, the hills or even monuments will offer you breathtaking shots, whatever the weather!

  • Editing apps for your smartphone

Photo retouching will never be about distorting the image, but about refreshing and personalizing while remaining natural. There are several apps that you can download for free on your smartphone.

  • Create a blook of your best photos

After posting your photos on social networks or on your blog, BlookUp lets you print and save your “arts” in a blook in order to keep track of all your online work, your best moments with your family and friends. All these souvenirs will now be at hand’s reach, ready to be comfortably reviewed again.

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