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LAST-BEST-ONLY-HOPE, Sex, No Drugs, Rock-n-Roll !!!!!!


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LBOH- SEX, NO DRUGS, ROCK-n-ROLL!, concluding the trilogy that began with LBOH- GOD IS AWESOME @ JESUS IS A ROCKSTAR! Evolving into LBOH- WITH THE HEART OF A CHILD. The spiritual struggle we all face every day of going from darkness @ into the light. There is a battle of good v evil, being fought one life at a time, by every community, nation, the world at large, the human race.The light is a loving GOD, THE LAST-BEST-ONLY-HOPE for this beautiful planet, good clean sober fun, truth, laughter, ROCK-n-ROLL! NOT LETTING THE BAD GUYS WIN! FRONT @ BACK COVER PHOTOS by MARY SULLIVAN.sometimes, things go sideways

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