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Art-Colored Glasses

Original poetry, essays, artworks, photographs & musings on whatever moves me…the Beginning

This book is based on Kathryn I. W. Sparks's Wordpress blog . You can buy "Art-Colored Glasses" in printed edition or ebook format.

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The first months of my commitment to blogging set the pattern for those that have followed: make art often; write, make more visual images, write more, and make a quick cut to weed out the worst. Press Publish; see what happens. I once thought that Making Stuff was the height and depth of what could excite and inspire a creative introvert; then I discovered the broader and richer delights of the social ripples from these little things I'd tossed into the pool of space from my computer. Now I know there are endless new inspirations, ideas, and pleasures that can flow from the first. More will always lie ahead.

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