How does it work?

  • Select the platform of your choice from our list of partners
  • Choose the posts and pages you want in your blook
  • Choose the layout of your blook thanks to our options
  • Create the cover of your dreams with our templates or upload your own photo
  • It’s ready! You can buy your blook to receive it at home, or put it for sale in our BlookShop

Use case:

Your blook straight to your bookcase
Think of how much time you spend online: today’s world is becoming more and more about digital contents. What if all of a sudden it all disappeared? Thanks to BlookUp you can print your digital contents into a book to keep a material track of your online writings !

A material track of your digital contents
Reviews, guides, novels, poems, business magazines: digital contents have evolved and BlookUp allows you to print them into a real book!

Another way to connect with your readers
Because they can now take your writings everywhere with them, your readers will be more connected with you!