How does it work?

  • Select the platform of your choice from our list of partners
  • Choose the articles and pages you would like to have printed
  • Choose the layout of your blook with the aid of our options
  • Create the cover of your dreams from a selection of our templates and by importing your own photos
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Your blook straight to your library
Think of how much time do you spend on the internet in today's world that is becoming more and more digital. What if it all suddenly disappeared? Thanks to BlookUp, you can print your digital contents and keep a physical trace of your digital life!

A tangible source of all your online contents
Reviews, guides, novels, poetry, travelogues, advertising campaigns and business magazines: publication of online contents has evolved. BlookUp allows you to implement all of these directly into a hard copy!

Another way to share with your readers
Thanks to the possibilities of printing blogs and social networks as books, BlookUp offers readers the opportunity to take your writings on the go.