About Us

BlookUp a is new service that allows you to create, publish and even sell books created from blogs or social networks. It was developped with the help of experienced bloggers, and thousands have already ordered their blook (contraction of the words « blog » and « book »), what about you? 

Keep a material track of your digital contents

In a more and more digital world, how many hours spent on your blog? It’s hard to say, to measure the work and the investment through time. What if all of a sudden it all disappeared? Thanks to BlookUp your can print your blog on demand to turn it into a customized and quality book! 

Give another value to your contents through a new reading experience

Textbooks, novels, poems, travel journal, business magazine... You can print anything you want thanks to BlookUp, weither you want to keep it for yourself or to share it with the world! There’s an increasing number of bloggers and social networks users, and they invest a lot of time in their digital contents.
BlookUp allows you to make those contents real and to keep a material track of this investment thanks to an elegant object.

Connect with another audience

Some bloggers already have loyal readers, but we think that they can connect with another audience with other reading tools, more material, concrete and adapted to their contents. BlookUp allows you to put your book for sale on our online library (the BlookShop) and receive a payment for each sale. What are you waiting for?