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Before you start

How do I prepare my blog to import it on BlookUp?

If you want to realize your blook in minutes, it is recommended to bring your upstream changes to your blog.

Before starting the import or even get your XML file, you must make sure that all the content you want to see in your blook are well on your blog. Check spelling, although categorize your articles, import new photos and change them if necessary...

To learn more about the customization options and save time in achieving your blook, read the content part and personalization of blooks.

It is essential to make your blog public until we have finished importing your data, which should only take a few minutes. You can then make it private again after the import step.

How much time is needed for the realization of my Blook?

To realize your blook quickly, we recommend that you carefully read the informations displayed here: How do I prepare my blog to import it on BlookUp ?. After making all your changes in your blog, we will import your content and automatically make your blog into a book.

I have not finished my Blook, could I go back over later?

BlookUp saves your changes each time you click on the "Save and Continue" button (when you are logged in to your account and have already generated a blook for the first time) or at the last step of the customization process, when generating the final preview (when you have not created an account or created blook yet on our website). At any time, you can view and make changes to any of your blooks (provided that it is not yet ordered) by going to "My Account" and then "My blooks". Be aware that a blook that you haven't ordered yet will be deleted after a 3 months period for storage reasons.

Prices and quality

What is the price of a blook?

Our blooks are made with a digital printing process on a 115 grams art paper and a 300 grams cover, with adhesive binding. The blooks are limited to 500 pages to make them as strong as possible.

-Format 15x21cm (5.90x8.27 inches) and 15x15 cm (5.90x5.90 inches): €9 (around $9.90*) the first 24 pages + €0.16 (around $0.18*)  for extra page
-Format 20x27 cm (7.87x10.62 inches): €9 (around $9.90*) the first 24 pages + €0.35 (around $0.39*) for extra page

*price may vary depending on the current value of the dollar

Discount prices can be offered for multi-book orders (from 3 or 4, depending on the number of pages).

What are the costs and shipping time?

Shipping taxes:
€6,90 (around $7.59*) all over the world. Free when order is above €100 (around $111.70*)

*price may vary depending on the current value of the dollar

Shipping time (via Deutsche Post):
- Metropolitan France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany: 10 working days
- Rest of Europe : 12 working days*
- DOM-TOM / Africa / Asia / Middle East / Latin America / North America : 15 working days*

* Depending on the destination in the country, the lead time may be extended by approximately 24h or more

How to optimize the price of my blook?

You can adjust the price of your blook by choosing to remove some articles from your blog (see How to organize the contents of my blook?), or even by changing their contents (see Can I change the content of my articles via BlookUp?). You can also choose a smaller font in the Layout step or even decide to remove the page break after each item in "Advanced Settings" (Content step).

What will my photos look like?

We recover your photos from the source code of your blog, in the best quality that we can find on your platform. However, sometimes very marked differences may appear between the photos you possess on your computer, those you posted on your blog(s) and the photos printed on paper. Here are some examples that can help you anticipate / prevent distorsions:

PHOTOS AND SCREEN CALIBRATION: Sometimes very marked differences may appear between the photos owned on one's computer / posted on one's blog(s) and the photos printed on paper. Two things can be the cause of these differences:

1) Screen calibration and edited photos: A single photo, or even the same color, does not always come out the same way on every screen due to the screen calibration, which is set directly on the screen or via the internal options of the computer. Some options saturate colors, others reinforce the contrasts, giving the impression that the pictures were naturally taken this way.

You can remedy this by printing a test photo at home on the printer connected to the computer containing the images to see the difference between the digital and paper format. Then you can edit the photos through an editing image software in order to match your expectations, or directly recalibrate the screen and / or resetting its parameters.

2) Impression: In case of a printing problem depending on human error and / or rectifiable (content printed on top of the photos, blurry photos, striated or stitched colors, drooling colors, etc ...), BlookUp guarantees, on presentation of photos as proofs, a free and fast second shipment of your blook as it must stand out according to the version you validated. However, color distortion may occurs when switching from the RGB format (calibrated for web display) to the CMYK used for paper printing. It should also be taken into account that current printers can sometimes render the same book in several different ways, depending on certain variables such as the last machine cleaning, toners changes (colors), printing time, etc... These rendering differences are inherent to current printing techniques and will improve in the future, and if given the opportunity, BlookUp will of course propose to you to improve also the Rendering of your blooks.

-   Learn more about the difference between RGB and CMYK

3) Image quality and resolution: In the same way it can be difficult to see the right colors according to the screen, it is sometimes difficult to ensure the quality of the photos posted on a blog when they were shrinked automatically and therefore seem quite correct in a small format. For example, a picture of 100*100 pixels equals 2.65*2.65 cm (1 inch). This format can be perfectly suitable in an article as long as the image is made to be seen in this small format, but if when importing your blog you chose to display the images as "large", they will be stretched to match this choice (going, for example, from 2.65*2.65cm (1 inch) to 10*10cm (3,94*3,94 inches)) and therefore appear pixelated on paper.

To prevent these problems, it is recommended to work with large pictures of good quality, without forgetting to compress them in order for your blog pages to load quickly!

-   Learn more about image compression

-   Learn more about the size, resolution and tips related to web / paper pictures

Import data

I can not find my blog platform amongst those you offer: what can I do?

To create your blook, your blog must be on one of the following platforms: Wordpress, Blogger, Canalblog, Blogspirit, Skyblog, Haut And Fort, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram. Apart from these platforms, however, it is possible to turn your content into a blook. Recover an export file (.xml) format similar to those issued by Wordpress (by contacting the support service of your blog platform). Once you have this file, go to step 1 "Import", click on "Wordpress", "Create a blook from a WordPress export", "Browse", then upload your file and "Import".

I can not import my blog on BlookUp, why?

You must make your blog public so that we can import your data correctly. You can make your blog public temporarily, until that import step is complete. If you're on Wordpress, you can also import the export file of your blog (.xml) on BlookUp by clicking "Create blook from a WordPress export" and consult the tutorial "How to create your roster of export? " Regarding the Blogger platform : it belongs to Google, so it's related to Google accounts via Gmail. So, if your Blooger account is separated from your Gmail account, and you're connected to your Gmail account, our platform will automatically log you in to Blogger with your Gmail account and so won't find any blog associated. To fix your problem, you just have to log out from your Gmail account before you import your blog on BlookUp or to connect your Blogger account and your Gmail account. 

It also may be that your blog feed is deactivated. To correct that, you have to go to your Blogger settings, then "other", "allow blog feed" then choose "full". Once it's done, save all the changes and you will be able to create your blook on BlookUp.

For all other inquiries, please contact our team at

I wrote new notes on my blog, but they do not appear in the contents of my blook, why?

BlookUp upload your content at a given time. If you write new notes or add content to your blog and you want them to appear in your blook, you have to import your blog again. 

Content and personalization of your blook

How can I customize the layout of my blook?

On BlookUp you can change the size, font, placement and color of your titles and also the size and font of your text. Also, you can now choose the size of your pictures: large, medium or small.

How to organize the contents of my blook? Can I change the order of my articles?

The step 3 allows you to remove the articles of your choice by simply selecting a period of time or just by selecting the articles!

To sort your articles in the order of your choice, click on the symbols: 

You can also sort your items by category : click on "see your categories in blook " in "more options". This will allow you to delete or organize multiple posts (by selecting or dragging a category).

Can I change the content of my articles via BlookUp ?

Make sure that your blog is ready when you upload it, if you make any changes on your blog after the import step, they won't appear in your blook. However, it is possible to change the title and the text of your articles, to change the position of your photos and delete them: go in the table "Your publications" and click on the pencil in front of the item you want to change.

In this content editor, you will find the "text" version but also the "source code" version of your article, as in most blog editors.

How can I show the date of my articles or my comments? 

In the "content" step, click on "more options". Here you can choose to display the date of your posts, delete the page break after each article or view comments.

The "view comments" option only appears when we can get them (blog platform compatible for the recovery of comments). If you don't see it, that means we can't import the comments on your blog.

My blog is too long. What can I do?

The blooks are limited to a certain number of pages to ensure their solidity (500 pages).

If your blog is too long, you can easily uncheck items or entire categories through the table "your posts" (see question How to organize the contents of my blook?). You can also choose to create several volumes, using your categories or simply reducing the publication dates, thanks to the "publication period" tool, making for example a volume per year.

How to create a custom cover?

It is possible to upload a a custom cover for your blook, that you can create with the software of your choice. You just have to select the cover model "100% Custom" then "select your file".
You can also use the templates available to customize your cover.

How to check and validate my blook before ordering?

When you are completely finished customizing your blook, you can access the preview of it through step 5. At this point, you can still make changes to your blook and go back through the customization process. It is important to check every page of the preview of your blook before ordering it.

I've placed an order but I want to change my blook, is it possible?

As long as your blook is in your cart, you can change it by clearing your cart. But once your blook is ordered you can not change it. There is no withdrawal period, in accordance with our terms and conditions: "all sales of books and other products are subject to BlookUp return policies then in effect. Every book you order is individually printed and customized. Accordingly, pursuant to Article L. 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, you can not benefit from any withdrawal period to cancel your order."
You can preview your blook as many times as you want before you place your order and you can contact our support service if you have any problems.

Storage and sharing blooks

What does "private blook" and "public blook" mean?

When you create your blook, you have two options:- Make your blook public and so share it on our Blookshop, allowing anyone to purchase one or more copies of your blook . You can choose the price of your blook, and so the commission you will get for each sale.
- Keep your blook private and so be the only one able to see or order it. Your account is confidential.The blogger/author chooses this status at the end of the creation process of the blook but yoy can change the status at any time from your account.

How to protect my rights as an author ?

When you import and create a blook from your blog, we automatically add the words "All rights reserved "Blogger Name"" on the second page of the book.The authors of the blooks are and remain owners of their copyrights unlike traditional publishing. Blookup is neither owner nor responsible for the content on the site. For more details, please see our privacy policy.