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Avant de commencer

If you want to create your book in only a few minutes, we recommend to make modifications on your social network or blog before importing it!

  1. Make sure that all the content that you want to see in your blook is available (not unmasked nor archived. For blogs, make sure that your blog / contents are public at least during the import (it will only be for a few minutes!);

  2. Make sure to correct typos or spelling mistakes on the proper platform, because corrections won't be possible for the following blooks: Top 100 Twitter, Top 100 Instagram, Top 100 Facebook and Tumblr book;

  3. For blogs: Make sure that your articles are correctly categorized and dated;

  4. Make sure that your images are still present in your articles (ideally check that the source link is still properly hosted), and that they are of good quality (ideally more than 1000*1000 pixels originally);

  5. Don't forget to add new images from your blog interface, because it won't be possible to insert them after the creation of your blook!

Once you've check that all the changes recommended in the previous question are done, BlookUp will import and automatically format your content in just a few seconds!

You have to create an account to be able to save your project safely in your personal account and come back to it when you have more time!

  1. A blook that hasn't been ordered is automatically and definitively deleted after 3 months (90 days). By modifying it, the 3 months period will be reseted on the same day the modifications are made.

    last blook edit date
    Click here to see where you can find the date of your last blook modification in your account!
  2. A blook that has been ordered at least once is automatically and definitively deleted after 3 years. If you order it again, the 3-year period will be reseted on the same day the new order is placed.

  3. You will recieve an automated E-mail 7 days before the removal of your blook, which will allow you to come back on our website in order to modify or re-order it, avoiding its disappearance ;)

If you want to know more about blooks storage, check out our Terms and Conditions of Use!

Tarifs et Qualité

Our online tool shows the exact price in real time of all the blooks by automatically taking into account various settings (like the number and length of the publications and images, the blook's format, the chosen options...). It is impossible for our team to estimate a price in advance, this is why we invite you to create a blook preview for free and test all the available options!

Fixed-priced Blooks (Top 100)
  1. Top 100 Twitter (€19 - $22 USD)

  2. Top 100 Instagram (€22 - $25 USD)

  3. Top 100 Facebook (25€ - $29 USD)

Pricing examples for 100 pages (other blooks)
Blog book

15 x 21 cm

5.9 x 8.3 in.

22€ ($25 USD)

PDF book

14,8 x 21 cm (A5)

5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5)

22€ ($25 USD)

"Classic" Instagram

20x20 cm

7.9 x 7.9 in.

20€ ($25 USD)

Blog album

20 x 27 cm

7.9 x 10.6 in.

35€ ($40.50 USD)

PDF album

21 x 29,7 cm (A4)

8.3 x 11.7 in. (A4)

35€ ($40.50 USD)

Tumblr book

26 x 20 cm horizontal

10.2 x 7.9 in. horizontal

35€ ($40.50 USD)

Facebook book
(profile or page)

19 x 26 cm

7.5 x 10.2 in.

35€ ($40.50 USD)

Shipping Fees

€6,90 ($7.59*) worldwide, free for all orders above €100 ($123*)!

*price may vary depending on the current dollar value

Decreasing prices (multiple copies of the same book)
1 to 10 copies /
11 to 15 copies 15% off
26 to 50 copies 20% off
51 copies and more 25% off

Contact our customer service to know more about it, depending on your project!

For all public partners (schools, administrations...), a minimum order of €150 ($185) has to be placed

Metropolitan France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany

10 working days

Rest of Europe

12 working days*

North America (USA & Canada)

15 working days*

DOM-TOM/ Africa / Asia / Latin America / Oceania / Worldwide

18 working days*

*Delivery times for some areas inside these destinations may vary from 24h or more

The tracking number will be automatically sent to you by email, or can be found in your order recap. Delays are estimated according to:

  1. The time required to produce the book, (3-4 days for softcover books, 4-5 for hardcover books)

  2. Transit time depending on the shipping method (from 48h to 72h on average for Colissimo and DHL) and on the possible waiting time in customs

Working days do not take into account weekends and public holidays.

The price of our books depends on their number of pages, and therefore, all the modifications aiming to reduce or increase the number of contents will have an impact on the price of your blook. Amongst these modifications, you'll find:

  1. Choosing a smaller or larger book (Blog Book or Album, PDF Book or Album). Warning! Changing format means that you import your blog or PDF again to create a new blook!

  2. Reducing or increasing the publication period covered by your blook;

  3. Including or excluding posts, individually (all blooks) or by content type (Facebook, Tumblr);

  4. Adding or deleting text or deleting images in a publication (Blogs, Facebook);

  5. Enlarge or reduce text and images size (Blogs);

  6. Enable or disable options like page breaks after each article, displaying the table of content... (Blogs).

BlookUp ensures to retrieve the better photo quality made available by you on your platform and to choose a printing house providing a great printing quality; However, differences may appear between photos on screen and on paper. Here are a few tips to help you anticipate the result of your printed photos:

  1. You can modify your photos via an image editing software in order to get closer to your printing expectations and/or directly recalibrate your screen in order to ensure that the rendering of your images on screen is the closest to the result on paper. Nevertheless, these modifications are subject to the variations advanced in point 2.
  2. A color distortion can happen when the image goes from RGB format (calibrated for optimized web use) to CMYK format used for paper printing.The last time the machines were cleaned, the change of ink toners (colors), the moment when the blook is printed, etc... may also affect the rendering of a book, even printed several times. These rendering differences are ascribable to actual printing processes, all printing houses, printing machines and printing techniques combined.
  3. BlookUp ensures that your images are highlighted by giving them the most room possible on paper. It is therefore necessary to make sure on your end that you possess large, high-definition pictures on your social network or blog in order to secure a maximum printing quality!

Import de Données

To create your blook, the content you want to transform into a book has to be from one of our compatible platforms and files:

wordpress blogger tumblr canalblog overblog skyrock facebook instagram twitter pdf xml

If it isn't the case, the only solution you have is to copy/paste your content into a specialized software (Word, OpenOffice, InDesign...), format it as you like and, once your document is ready, convert it into a PDF file. Some online tools such as DocumentCyborg can help you convert the web pages into text documents or .PDF to gain some time, and other websites can help you gather all your PDF documents into one: you will then be able to import your PDF to BlookUp and print your 100% customized book!

In order to turn a social media or blog into a book, it is required to be able to connect to the account you want to import, both from a technical and a security perspective. Be aware that those are sensible data that we do not recommend sharing.

When the social network and blogging platforms' application interfaces (API) allows it, BlookUp will only ask for reading permissions in order to accomplish the import and transformation of your content. However, it may happen that the API also requires that BlookUp asks for writing permissions to create your book.

BlookUp undertakes to never use the later authorizations, in compliance with its Terms and Conditions of Use.

If you have already made these verifications or if you're not concerned by them, please feel free to contact our customer service!


All platforms can affected by temporary bugs and generally, you just have to try importing again later! ;)


The API limits the number of requests that we can do in a sliding window of about 1 hour. If you can not access Facebook authentication, simply wait before retrying your import!


the API limits the import to 5,000 posts/hour for a signle open Instagram session: Before you try to import your content again, first sign out of Instagram, then sign back in again and try creating a new blook.


Check your blog URL: Only a public and complete link (for example https://www.blookup.com/en/blog/) can work. Then, verify that the blog credentials (username and/or e-mail, password) are correct (active account and/or linked to the right blog)!

Beware! A few things must be checked to ensure a safe import: More information about this can be found in this Wordpress Import Guide!


Blogger belongs to Google: Our website will automatically connect you to Blogger with the Gmail account to which you are currenty connected to and may not find an associated blog. Please make sure you linked your Blogger account to your Gmail e-mail address!

Make sure that your Blogger blog's feed is activated by going to your Blogger administration panel, in "settings", "other", "allow blog feed" and choose "full" as an option. Save the changes and you will be able to create your blook!

authorize blogger feed in your settings
Click on the image to see how to authorize Blog feed in your administration panel!

BlookUp temporarly connects to your social network or blog and only import the content that is available at that moment. After that, we do not communicate with the chosen platform anymore; If you modify or add content, you'll have to start again, import and create a new blook!

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