Extend the impact of your professional tweets!

500 million tweets are shared everyday on Twitter. In this constant flow of information, these posts remain transient and only impact their key audience partially.

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In order to solve this issue, BlookUp launches an original solution aiming to extend the impact of professional Twitter accounts : the twitter Classic! This new “blook” enables companies to gather the high-points of their news alongside their key audience whilst enhancing the value of their digital endeavors.

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3 Questions to : Magali Deconinck – Pourquié / Communications and PR Manager for Châteaux Langoa – Léoville Barton

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Magali Deconinck – Pourquié and the blook of Châteaux Langoa – Léoville Barton

What was your reaction when you first saw the blook?

I thought that the concept of printing and materializing digital content was very innovative. When I first saw the blook of our estate, I was conquered, right then and there. I showed it to Damien Barthon, the newest generation of the Barthon family, and he was enticed by the idea as well.

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3 Questions to : Philippe Massol / CEO of La Cité du Vin

Philippe Massol and the blook of la Cité du Vin

What was your first impression of the blook ?

I discovered the blooks during our gala dinner. It is an extremely well presented and high quality product. I was surprised by the concept of using paper as a way to gather social media posts as these platforms are detached from the physical dimension. I thought it was very original and showed it to other members of our team as well as other guests to have their feedback.

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