Recycle Bookstore, used books all around!

With the World Book Day coming the day after tomorrow, there’s something that has to be said: Cultivating oneself is often expensive. Once you start stacking books in your arms, prices can add up very quickly without you noticing it until the very end!

Even if choosing the pocket format can help, accessing the book market at full price sadly isn’t for everyone: This is where the used books market comes in!

Recycle Bookstore is one of many actors of this market today, but started proposing used books over 40 years ago (1962)! Its concept is to sell thousands of books at low prices, from many different universes and about a lot of topics: Art, Science-Fiction, History, Science, classic literature, gardening…



Campbell’s kid section (above) and San Jose’s Art, History and Photography section (below)


The books proposed are donated or traded, so there’s always new ones to chose from.

Two bookstores are open, one in San Jose and one in Campbell (both in California), and both are pretty well-rated on Yelp! Of course they propose different books on certain topics, but that’s one of the things that make those shops special!

So… What are the other things, will you ask?

Well, they also propose some DVDs and CDs, rare, signed or limited-edition books, a friendly staff and… Cats.



Those cuties aren’t for sale, but you can enjoy their company while you wander around and browse the shelves looking for your next literature treasure!

So if you happen to drop by San Jose or Campbell, and if you’re not allergic to cat fur, don’t forget to check out those awesome book stores!

Harry Potter-themed Cinemagraphs!

At BlookUp, we often face some technical constraints that can not be removed though we’d love to. Among them is the integration of gifs: You surely have already dreamt about illustrations that move by themselves on paper pages!

No need for sound! It’s all about the pleasure of seeing the clouds move, people smile, all of this while continuing to enjoy the rough and soft touch of a paper book…

There’s a fascinating universe in which we can find such object: The one of Harry Potter, of course! Somebody else loved the idea of moving pictures: Daria Khoroshavina, a Russian artist, who combined her talents in photography and animation in order to illustrate, in her own way, how wizards in her “Halloween Potions and Spells”gallery !

cinemagraph-harry-potter-shrinking-potion“So, according to that picture, if my shrinking potion is red and filled with bubbles, I messed up”


But what are Cinemagraphs anyway? Well, while gifs play a complete animation without necessarily making the transition between the beginning and the end very subtle, cinemagraphs are usually produced by animating only a part of a photo in a continuous and fluid-like movement that contrasts with the rest of the picture, that remains motionless.

cinemagraph-harry-potter-lumosIs the definition still a little obscure? “Lumos” !


Cinemagraphs originally come from the world of fashion and have already been adaptedy by several artists in various ranges of magnificent and relaxing animated images that you can watch with the sound of the rain or the sea in the background!

Wanna see more?

  •, the website created by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck who are also the creators of the concept of Cinemagraphs!
  • Philippe Cabaret and his blog Philippoc, a French photographer often paying tribute to Paris through his creations.

And if you feel like this is going to be your new hobby, you can even find applications to make your own cinemagraphs!


cinemagraph-harry-potter-incendioAguamenti and Incendio spells. You can combine the two in order to make cooking pastas way cooler than it actually is.


It’s now up to you to check out Daria Khoroshavina’s other cinemagraphs and works on her wesbite!


Source article – Pictures : Daria Khoroshavina

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