Intergalactic! Comic Juicer

By David Gandolfo - Published on Feb. 14, 2018
comic favorite fan make! "count 1 to a million one million times for a billion first trillion" It is that special

1/ the mummy tradingcard
the ONLY #city of demon occupant, the mummy. journey home footprint
"this is the world of the dead"Sphinx"No! Your only pretending to die"

2/ "kato if i'm not at %100 something is wrong, with you too! so pay attention"

3/ "the ONLY director for the twenty first century!" music award starts "Quitien Tarrontino" krust commentary "angry man. angry man"

4/ fold-able pencil in-car video D.A.T.A. instruction
(day&age tradingcard assistant) the drawn working part flex! capacitor
19x26 cm / 7.5x10.2 in
44 pages
$ 29.59

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