Life at 60 seconds per minute

By Kopano Nicolas Mokale - Published on Feb. 8, 2021
I dabbled in the formal study of philosophy under Prof Anton van Niekerk. When the pandemic reached South Africa in 2020, I was living in Hartswater, South Africa, where I decided to settle for a few years to work on my writing, art, and to argue existence from the perspective of a mixed race South Africa post-apartheid.

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with the Phokwane Outbreak Response Team. As one of the four doctors (one of us Dr. L. Morris being a dentist), we tested and screened patients, traced contacts, and did community education. Often we were moved to see patients in their homes, in Hartswater, Pampierstad and Jankemp. And that is all I can say on the matter.
19x26 cm / 7.5x10.2 in
158 pages
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