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Before you start

Import your Wordpress blog

Before you start

How easy is it to import a Wordpress blog?

Be assured that importing a Wordpress blog can be done in a few clicks and will work very well most of the time!

However, Wordpress is a complex platform that holds several hosting solutions, which can integrate several themes, several plugins (more than ten thousands!), each one possessing lots of levels of configuration that can cause conflicts with the others.

It is impossible for BlookUp to anticipate and correct all of Wordpress functionalities' conflicts but it's possible to correct some bugs individually. If you encounter a problem during your import, or if you do not recover all your contents, do not hesitate to contact our customer service !

What is the difference between and It is a free hosting platform, which will host your site, take care of the technical part and provide you with tools to administer your blog just like Tumblr, Over-Blog, Canalblog... You will be able to publish articles, install a theme, but you won't be able to install plugins: With millions of sites hosted we can understand that Wordpress decided to avoid granting too many customization tools in order to manage all those websites properly. You can unlock some features by choosing to pay, but in the end, Wordpress remains the owner of your blog's source files. A blog, or "self-hosted Wordpress blog", is similar to a except that you are responsible for finding a domain name and a hosting solution for your site. In some cases, you even have to manage the installation and configuration by yourself. You invest money (hosting and domain name for sure, then plugins and themes if you want to customize more) and time in your blog. In terms of appearance and functionalities, you are free to do what you want, but some technical knowledge is required. If you encounter a problem with your hosting solution, you'll only need to recover the backup files of your website and transfer them to another host provider.

What is Jetpack and how does it impact the import of my blog?

Jetpack is a plugin developed by Automattic (Wordpress editor and's owner) in order to propose diversified and powerful functionalities (combining several plugins in one) that will boost Wordpress blogs while remaining easy to configure. One of the main features of this plugin is making available the REST API of to your self-hosted blog.

What is an API? Why do you mention XML-RPC or REST?

An API is an "Application Programming Interface", an interface between a program (our import tool, for example) and another (your blogging platform). It represents the set of codes used to call data and / or the functionalities of a program in order to convert them in a chosen format.

Some APIs will be more efficient than others to import your data and contents. The REST API, made to replace the XML-RPC API (which was the first Wordpress interface to link with other applications), was deployed during the year 2016 and is more well-achieved than its predecessor, allowing more interesting features.

Import your Wordpress blog

How do I prepare my blog import?

5 compulsory points should be checked before importing your self-hosted Wordpress blog:

- Jetpack plugin is installed

- You created a Wordpress account

- You linked your Wordpress account to the Jetpack plugin

- The JSON API is activated

- You are or you have the access informations to the 1st administrator account of your blog (original account)

Why is my blog URL not recognized when I try to enter it?

You must only enter the public URL of the blog you want to import. For example: No email addresses, no links from other sites or links leading to your dashboard!

Why does a message tells me "You will be redirected to to allow the import of your content"?

This message indicates either that your blog has been detected by our tool as a and that you are being redirected to your own blogging platform in order to confirm the authorization to import your data from another site, or that the connection to your self-hosted blog has been correctly established and that you simply need to confirm to Wordpress your intention to let a third-party application access your content.

Wordpress asks me to validate my credentials twice, is this normal?

Absolutely ! When the tool redirects you to to identify you and allow the import of your content, you must validate your connection to the platform twice. Both logging in via or via your username / password will work.

How do I install Jetpack?

Follow this link to download Jetpack and install it yourself, or follow the steps below in order to install the plugin from your dashboard:

- Click on the "Plugins" menu then click on the "Add New" button next to the page title "Plugins", or hover your mouse over "Plugins" and click on "Add New".

- Find "Jetpack" in the search bar situated in the top right corner of the page or click on "Install" directly on the Jetpack plugin if it already appears at the top of the plugins list.

- Install the plugin, then click on "Activate".

Enter the "Plugins" menu... (click to see full image)

install-jetpack-step2 install-jetpack-step3
... Search, install and activate Jetpack in a few clicks! (click to see full images)

How do I create a Wordpress account?

Click here to create your Wordpress account!

How do I link my Wordpress account to Jetpack?

When you've made sure you have a Wordpress account, go to your blog's dashboard.

Click on the "Jetpack" menu, then click on "Connect Jetpack" to begin the linking process!

Enter Jetpack Menu and spot the "Connexion" button... (click to se full image)

linking-wp-account-jetpack-step2 linking-wp-account-jetpack-step3
... Connect to your account and authorize the link between the latter and Jetpack! (click to se full images)

How do I activate the JSON API?

Once you have installed the Jetpack plugin and have linked your main administrator account to the it, all you have to do next is activate the JSON API in order to securely import your blog content to BlookUp!

To do so, go to this link (don't forget to modify it first ;) ): []/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack_modules. In the list that appears, the JSON API must be visible first; Otherwise click on "alphabetical order" to sort and check "JSON API" to activate it. When it's done, the option will appear in the "Active" list!

To see if the API is enabled, pass your mouse hover it: A link "deactivate" will appear.

Despite following your instructions, the import does not work!

When you encounter problems with the REST API, you can still import your blog using the XML-RPC API, or import a .XML export file of your blog into our tool!

These alternative solutions will allow you to recover your blog partly or completely; Our tool still supports XML-RPC imports but without fixes nor evolutions, and both these solutions have their weak points (missing galleries, etc...).

  • - Deactivate your plugins (don't delete them!), then try to import your blog again. If it works, you can then reactivate all your plugins and carry on, or reactivate them one by one and import your blog each time to see which one is causing the problem.
  • - If the first test doesn't allow you to import your blog, deactivate your current theme, then import your blog again.
  • - If the two other options don't work, that means that your host's settings are causing a conflict; Sadly in this case, BlookUp won't be able to help you and you will have to contact your provider to fix the issue.