Andrew Wilson 2022

By @asnarb - Published on Feb. 23, 2023
Photos from a year spent (mostly) in Portland, Oregon USA. Yes, it's true, Portland is weird. And OK, so am I. But I am clever, insightful, handsome, and of course, modest, and I am not solely defined by my weirdness. I am a technophile and these images were captured with an assortment of imaging devices ranging from full-frame digital cameras, to film cameras with vintage glass, to cell phones, and even to infrared-modified cameras. Love the one you're with. So sorry, purists, but very few of them are What The Camera Saw. Digital means freedom to fiddle with the bits. Some of these photos are straight out of the camera. Most have been fiddled with until what I see on the monitor matches what I see in my mind's eye. And so it goes.
20x20 cm / 7.87x7.87 in
45 pages
$ 24.70

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