Our best-selling Facebook books

BlookUp believes a digital copy of your posts is not enough. We share so many special memories on our Facebook, but we rarely go back to look at old posts, and with the uncertainty of whether these post will be saved forever, printing your Facebook is so important. This is why our Facebook books are so popular.

About the books

You can have your Facebook book created for free in seconds by simply connecting your Facebook account to our site, selecting the dates you wish to print, et voilà you will have created a digital preview of your book.

Now for the fun part, you can edit and personalize the book to your taste. Start by editing the front and back cover, choosing the color, images, text and font. Then you can choose the desired layout of the inside contents with three different options. Plus, If theres certain posts you don’t quite like the look of, you can even edit or remove individual posts to make sure your blook is perfect for you.


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