Turn your blog into a blook !

Nowadays, people are spending more and more time on the Internet. This is especially true for bloggers, who constantly share contents through their blog or social networks. But what if everything was suddenly lost ? How many months or years of work could disappear ? It is now possible to print your blog into a book to keep all of your contents safe and to share it with others.

Sharing is precisely what you can do with a blook*. You can share memories, moments, stories or photos with your friends and family without needing any computer, smartphone or Internet access. No need to be an Internet user anymore to read all of your articles !

Transforming your blog into a book is also an other way of discovering or rediscovering your blog. Reading a book is so much different than reading a page on a computer : it is more authentic. Moreover, bloggers don’t take the time to read their previous articles written months or years ago. Having all of them in one book makes it more simple.

With BlookUp, you can print your memories and share it ! Get your blook here.

Print your blog book from Blogger

Do you have a blog on Blogger? Good, Blogger is the blogging and writing platform owned by Google, the world’s most used search engine.

Did you know that you can keep a paper trace of your blog thanks to BlookUp? But if printing your blog is a process that frightens you because of the difficulty in formatting and organizing your posts, with BlookUp nothing will seem easier: everything is optimized so that it takes you as little time and energy as possible.

Creating a blog book to keep a record of your blog’s highlights is now within everyone’s reach. Go to BlookUp now!

Print your social network with BlookUp

We now share our whole life on social networks: our photos, our moods, our opinions as well as our sentimental and professional background. Everyone perceives this space of exchange in his own way and apprehends it in a certain way. This variety of uses gives a multitude of books to print with BlookUp. Photo books, diaries, memory books and many more!

The digital era in which we live does not mean that everything has to disappear one day! For BlookUp, digital and paper are one and the same and complement each other perfectly.

Our primary goal is to allow you to keep a real and lasting record of these digital spaces that occupy a large place in your lives.

Social networks tell a story, your story.

BlookUp – Solution to print your social networks/blog

If you ever wondered, when you looked at all your photos on your facebook and instagram profiles but also Twitter and your blog, what to do with them, BlookUp is the answer. In just 45sec, it can import your account and create a bespoke photo book with captions and dates.

Gifts for moms are no picnic. In fact, it’s no secret that finding the perfect gift, or even taking the time to think about gift ideas, can be time consuming indeed. BlookUp offers you different books to be personalized according to the taste of the person who will receive it.

Choose BlookUp you will be surprised by the quality and the rendering of your book and at the same time make people happy!

Organize your content in an original way to print a beautiful instagram!

If you find that the snapshots in your Instagram grid lack consistency and harmony? That this kind of questions, “how to make my Instagram account look more professional or attractive” is in your browsing history? Therefore, why not think about using an app that will completely change the overall look of your grid?

BlookUp follows a predefined strategy and goals, you must not only think about how your photos will be presented, but also plan their grid uniformity, whether you use a filter or not to make sure you have the most harmonious and visually satisfying look !

The preview is a tool that will allow you to organize your photos in a very simplistic way! Like a puzzle, your photos can be organized to get the final look that suits you best. So you don’t face any surprises when you’re done importing on the visual social network.

Want to print your social networking book? Take advantage of an exceptional discount -25% with the code “SURPRISE25” 🎉


On Facebook, we rarely go back because we’ve had our account for years. We’ve posted thousands of statuses, shared thousands of photos, let more and more crazy applications post in our name; even if we sort by year, going down the scrollbar of our browser indefinitely to read all this in detail discourages us in advance.

After several months of research and development, BlookUp has found the solution to have all your Facebook at hand and to browse it without tiring your eyes.

Select the content you want to save, customize your cover and interior layout (in 1, 2 or 3 columns) and here is your social life transformed into a personalized book faithfully transcribing the spirit of your Facebook Profile 🙂

Zoom on… Les voyages de Jérôme

Because the web is full of blogs, each one more interesting than the other, and because we never have enough time to see everything… We decided to make you discover our favorite blogs. The ones that have marked us, made us travel, moved us or made us laugh. Blogs that are simply worth sharing.

This week, we highlight the adventure of Jerome who goes to discover Italy. He highlights Rome by talking about the Vatican, Tuscany, Siena… and he doesn’t intend to stop there. He tells all his travels in articles written in a simple and authentic way: we have the impression to travel with him!

Good plans, nice places to visit,… the articles are complete and illustrated with pictures, each one more beautiful than the other. Because if he mainly tells his escapades, the young adventurer does not hesitate to share his advices and other anecdotes for the future travelers. Serious articles, but always told and illustrated in a light way… So at BlookUp, we could only love it 🙂

Manage the content of your blook!

Edit your blook directly from the interface of the site, it is finally possible! At BlookUp, we have done our best to provide you with the right tools to manage your blooks. Now you can see the final result and make the last spelling or layout changes before placing your order.

Our improvements will allow you to have a preview of your blook and give you the ability to arrange it as you wish, an evolution of the BlookUp service designed to personalize each blook. Having a platform always more intuitive is the fundamental objective within our teams.

Make your blook for you and your family! Now!

A Blook idea: Create your own cookbook!

It is true that in France, the transmission of recipes is a family affair!

The recipe blog allows you to list all your culinary finds and creations, from strawberry pudding to beef tagine. Beyond the work of research and improvement of these preparations, you have worked hard to make a nice presentation, reflecting your gourmet personality and your blog deserves to be published !

BlookUp proposes to transform your cooking blog into a real personalized recipe book like Edwig’s book! The concept is still the same, go to BlookUp to insert the logins of your beloved blog and it’s in the box! All you have to do is customize the cover, modify the last details of the layout and pass this book on to future generations or simply to your friends.

The icing on the cake for experienced cooks is the possibility of putting your blook for sale on BlookSpace. Set a price and let others benefit from your talent!

Print my tweets

BlookUp allows you to record, your tweets in paper book. From the most popular, controversial or precious tweets, go from instant to posterity.

With its compact format (11×17 cm), this paper book of your tweets is fully customizable (color and cover photo of your choice) and offers you the possibility to archive, edit and extend the reach of your tweets over the period of your choice.

To start editing the book of your tweets, simply visit www.blookup.com and connect to your Twitter account using a secure protocol. The simplicity of execution is the strength of the solution developed by BlookUp.

So, what are you waiting for to print your blook?