Backup your blook and retrieve your PDF with the BlookCloud.

The BlookCloud is a new secure storage solution that allows you to :

> Keep your blooks for up to 5 years on our platform.

> Immediately retrieve the PDF of your blook in order to share it or archive it at home.

>Protect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blog posts.

You save your photos, your emails, your music, the BlookCloud can now save your social posts.

To use the BlookCloud, you simply need to take out a subscription directly on

Price: €9.9 per year

Why print your social media content?

As you continue to fill your phone’s gallery with photos of your moments with family and friends and constantly post them on your social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, print and make a book of your content with one click. Before you become a company that only sees pictures on their phones, BlookUp explains why you should print or make a book of your social networks.

It’s so easy to print them online!

Today, you can print your photos online, where you have the luxury of making your social network blook at any time of the day or night with a simple click of the mouse! Internet shops never close! With BlookUp print or make a book of your social networks.

Print and/or make a book of your social networks by capturing your memories

A printed image is so much more valuable than some temporary pixel on a mobile device screen. You can physically hold it and decorate your bookshelf with blooks.Pulling it out years later and passing it around among your family and friends would help you relive all those memories. Unlike today’s digital age where the focus is solely on instant connections, printed photographs help make timeless connections – spanning many generations.

You can share them with your non-digital friends

Some people in your environment may not know how to view photos on the Internet, but care about you. Printing your photos is a good way to share your beautiful moments with them.

Try it and print your photos with BlookUp!

Save your Twitter account in a real printed book!

Being able to consult your fondest memories on social networks in a book, isn’t it wonderful?
Connect to our platform, to create your Twitter account book and keep track of your best tweets.

You can personalize your cover with the photo of your choice, modify the title, the subtitle as well as the biography of the back cover! Finally, it’s possible to preview your book for free before ordering it!

BlookSpace: The memorial of your digital life

Preserve your digital content for free, share them and sell your blooks!

The BlookSpace is a unique marketplace for storing and protecting your digital data. In just a few clicks, you can publish and sell your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blog or PDF book, and share it with your community!

New layout has been added to our BlookSpace. Check it now!

Click here to know more on how to share and sell your blook.

Print your Instagram photos with BlookUp!

Are you wondering why you should print your instagram photos ? Well the answer is simple! You want to save your memories that are currently drowning and disappearing in your Instagram feed. But where? This article is just for you!

BlookUp is the answer! It is an easy and fast solution to transform your Instagram account into a beautiful book! Pictures, dates and captions everything is in it! Let’s take a look on what are the advantages of such a book and how do you create one:

1 – The best of your Instagram close at hand

We share a lot of photos on social media, without necessary thinking of the durability of it. Time flies, photos pile up, and all of your shots are rapidly forgotten.

By printing your Instagram photos in a BlookUp instagram blook, you are stopping time and in that way saving the best moments of your digital life in a top quality album, to relive it as much as you want, page after page. In 20 years, your book will still be there, ensuring the durability of your memories.

2– Your book created in a few clicks!

BlookUp distinguishes itself by its extreme simplicity. To create your book, you just have to go to, select the book format you want and to authenticate your Instagram. You select the period of time you are interested in and let the magic happen PS: your book is automatically generated in a few seconds.

To discover your own photos in a book is satisfying. And when this same book is generated in only a few seconds, surprise is even bigger!

BlookUp allows you to create a numerical preview of your Instagram book, that you will be able to access online as much as you want. By creating an account for free on, you are saving this book for 3 months, in order to check it again, share it online or order it.

No more excuses to let your best Instagram photos be forgotten, so print your instagram photos now !

Save the tweets on #Climat thanks to the Blook!

Every day, discover in our BlookSpace all our #blookoftheday, social books that raise the news of the day. Find the debates and reactions shared by Internet users on Twitter in these blooks! A very touchy subject in recent years, the climate is debating. Primordial cause to protect, discover the blook of the day which gathers reactions on the subject!

Discover our #BlookDuJour dedicated to #Climat on Twitter!

Do not hesitate to consult our Blookspace! Share your experiences by creating your blooks. Sell them on the Blookspace to share it with those around you or with your community 😉 And above all, remember to save your social networks in a BlookUp social book 😀

Up: How to save your Instagram photos!

This is not new, Instagram is the social network of photo sharing par excellence, enthroned in the ranking of the most popular social networks in the world.

BlookUp therefore offers you a timeless backup!

Employee reading blook during break helps employee advocacy

Grâce à son outil vous pouvez connecter et importer votre compte à notre plateforme et éditer votre livre en quelques clics afin de pouvoir consulter votre contenu. 

So, how to use BlookUp to preserve Instagram photos?

Select the Instagram book format that suits you “the book of my Instagram photos” or the book “MyTop100Photos” which includes my 100 most liked Instagram photos.

Click on “I discover my book” to go to the login window and authorize the import of your content. Thereafter, you can, thanks to “the publication period”, make sure that your content can fit within the limit of 300 pages!

If your account has a lot of content spread out over several years, don’t worry! Just import it several times and use the choice of publication period to create several volumes of your content!


Once the import is complete, you will arrive on a personalization window with a sidebar on which you will find the different presentation options. The one on your cover, in particular by clicking on this icon and setting up your content. Once you have made your selections, you must click on the first eye-shaped button on the sidebar in order to validate and regenerate your book and not lose any changes!

In addition to networks, BlookUp is on WordPress!

Adepts of social networks, the BlookUp team is now present on many social networks, and even here on WordPress, blogging platform.

Not easy to follow us! We strive to keep the publication rate and content constant from one platform to another, some may be better suited to your expectations than others! Choose your favorite network and come and discover our content …

We take stock!



We post on our blogs (Francophone and Anglophone), once or twice a week.
The contents are strictly identical, except for the interviews; Indeed, we used to translate them into both languages, but in the case of a French blog for example, if the interview was made readable for English speakers, they could not visit the person’s blog interviewed without facing the language barrier.

Thus, we recently took the decision to separate the two experiences as often as possible in order to offer content that is both adapted and unique for each audience concerned.


Facebook logo
Facebook logo

We also share on Facebook more diverse information on BlookUp, which does not necessarily require a blog article, such as our participation in contests, our trips, our visual changes depending on the season…

The frequency of publications varies between 2 to 3 statuses per week, depending on the density of information.

The platform has the advantage of allowing a more immediate interactivity than on the blog, to gather all the technical information concerning BlookUp (address, telephone number, opening hours…) and to have an internal messaging where we can answer all your questions live, in addition to responding to your comments (which we all read!).


Ah Twitter… In terms of interactivity, he is probably the champion of the list. At the same time, it is made for that!

In a way, Twitter is the most active of BlookUp’s social networks, with 4 to 5 exchanges (tweets, retweets, responses and mentions combined) per day on average … But still not enough to drown you! We present HASHTAG BOOKS there, 1 per day to offer you a maximum of content. On various subjects, they meet the expectations of the greatest number!

We also respond to direct requests, either by mention or by DM.


Instagram logo

There are photos of paper blooks on our Instagram than on our other networks, which can appeal to book lovers and curious people to see what the blooks really give, in the hands of their owners!

It is here that we post fun and attractive visuals to present our new products for example …

Tempted by one or more of our networks? So go ahead, click, like, share!

BlookUp gets a makeover !



For several months, our team have been working to provide you with greater comfort in the creation of your blook. We have been very attentive to your many comments and wish to satisfy them today.

We have implemented two major new features that will make creating your blook even more fun:

1 –A media library to better manage all of your photos. The media library brings together all the visuals of your social network or your blog.
You can now :

> Replace, delete and modify images of your posts and articles.
> Add new images from your computer or smartphone to deposit them in the media library.
> Access all the visual resources of your media library.
> Detect the quality of the visual of your cover.

2 – A new editing tool to better lay out your text and photos. You can now :

> Make line breaks between your texts, finally 🙂
> Delete, move and / or modify your photos in posts and articles.
> Change the layout of your photos.
> Modify the captions of your photos.

As of today, you can have all of these features.
Your social book will be more successful !

The first online alternative to print your tweets in paper book!

On Twitter, content quickly escapes its authors. A barely shared tweet will immediately be commented on, retweeted and “liked” before getting lost in the incessant flow of tweets and falling into oblivion. We therefore present to you a world first, the possibility of archiving your tweets in paper book.

BlookUp launches a new Twitter book! This new innovative “blook” allows you to record your tweets in paper book. From the most popular, controversial or precious tweets, go from instant to posterity.

With its compact format (11 × 17 cm), this paper book of your tweets fully customizable (color and cover photo of your choice) therefore offers you the possibility of archiving, editing and thus extending the scope of your tweets over the period of your choice.

A dedicated interface allows you to select your tweets in order to create different chapters from the same account.

To start editing the book of your tweets, simply go to from your smartphone, tablet or computer, then connect to your Twitter account using a secure protocol. It should be noted that no download is required and the layout is generated automatically and instantly. Simplicity of execution is the strength of the solution developed by BlookUp. So what are you waiting for to print your blook?