Print your “Blogger” blog book

“Blogger” is a free online platform that allows users to publish content on a website, otherwise known as blogging. Launched in the late ’99s, Blogger is one of the first blog publishing systems.

You have hosted your blog on Blogger and you want to print your content? BlookUp is one of the few platforms that offers you to create a blog book from a Blogger blog in one click.

What do we import from your “Blogger” blog?

BlookUp will import your posts in their entirety (title, text, photo,…) so that the blog book is as representative as possible of your online post.

We also import the category, date, tags to allow you to organize your blook according to the most relevant criteria.

BlookUp has developed an innovative technology that fetches complete information directly from the core system of your Blogger blog (API). That’s why you have to enter your login details for this to work. 

Once we have imported all the necessary data, you can use it to produce your custom blog book by customizing it.

I create my blog book from Blogger !

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