Print your Facebook, Instagram or Blog.

BlookUp specializes in turning your digital content into beautiful paper books , which can be cherished forever. With the hard work and effort that goes in to creating your digital content, it deserves to be cherished and remembered. Not to mention the vast amount of online content being uploaded every second which makes it is easy for yours to be lost or forgotten. Make the most of your social media content with our Facebook, Instagram and Blog books !

Facebook books

Our most sold product is our Facebook books. With BlookUp you can create a book which includes all your Facebook posts and photos with the amont of likes and comments shown. This allows you to easily create a memory photo album of all your best moments and memories

Our Facebook books are also an excellent product for brands, organisations or companies which have created a strong identity via Facebook. These books act as a great way to showcase their work over the years.

Instagram books

One for the photo lovers. Today, we share all our best, most photographic moments to Instagram, creating a fantastic digital photo album. With our Instagram books, you can really cherish these moments, by having a physical copy in form of a beautiful books. This allows you to reminisce on your memories with your friends or family while taking a break from your screen.

Our Instagram books have one photo per page, with the caption and number of likes for each photo displayed underneath. This creates a sleek elegant look, while giving each photo the space it deserves.

Blog books

At BlookUp we know how much effort goes into creating a blog. We believe this hard work and time dedicated to your blog deserves to be appreciated. By transforming your blog into a physical book you can showcase your blog to family and friends in a stylish more appealing way. What’s more, with the uncertainty of the digital world, these blog books allow you to have a secured copy of your blog if something were to happen which meant you ost you online version.

Each blog book involves all the photos and photos of your blog from the very beginning to the present day, with the possibility to edit or remove any posts you wish.

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