Should I print my social media page?

In today’s society, social media is something we cannot live without. We take pride in sharing our best photos, and sharing our best selves with the rest of the world. This leaves most people with a digital album full of their favorite memories. While this has resulted in a shift away from physical photo albums or memory books, there is certainly a lot of advantages to printing your social media content. BlookUp creates beautiful books using your social media page, and this blog is going to discuss some of the advantages of this.

The uncertainty of technology

While most people rely on technology to store their photos ect., there is no way to know that Instagram and Facebook are going to keep your posts and photos forever. While many people don’t think it is the case, it is possible that one day these sites may no longer exist and your content could be lost. Let’s look at Vine for example, in 2017 the social media site Vine was suddenly closed down and hundreds of content creators lost their videos. Therefore, having a physical copy of these books acts as another security blanket to assure you that you will always have an extra copy of your photos ad posts.

Take a break from Social Media

We spend so much time in front of screens and so much time scrolling through social media. Unlike before the rise of technology, when families and friends would gather around a photo album or the box of photos from under their bed, we rarely look back on our old photos in this same way. This means, printing your posts into a book allows you to take a break from social media, where the constant influx of new content distracts us, and to take some time truly appreciating our own memories and photos.

Share your memories with the whole family

Despite this huge rise in social media, there are still some members of society who are not involved in the online world like that. For example, a lot of peoples grandparents are not up to date with the latest technologies and do not use social media, so they do not see what is shared on there. The same goes for young children, but turning your social media into a book allows them to not be left out from seeing your online updates and means they can also enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to.

Having a tangible keepsake

Finally, a lot of people use social media to document specific trips, holidays, events, or periods in their lives. A lot of our clients at BlookUp create specific blog pages or Facebook pages to do this and therefore want to create a book of the page. This gives them a tangible keep-sake which will always remind them of that special time while being able to look back on each and every moment. What’s more, because the books we create are so elegant and sleek, they can be displayed within your home as a constant reminder of your special memory.