Create your Facebook book

At BlookUp we specialize in creating beautiful memory albums, using your social media pages. Our bestselling Facebook books are an easy way to showcase your best memories in a beautiful stylish paper book.

Re-visit your old memories

We share our best moments on Facebook, but we rarely re-visit our old posts or look back on them. At BlookUp we believe these moments deserve to be showcased and celebrated, and a beautiful photo album is the perfect way to do this. This also brings back the wholesome feeling which comes with looking through old memories books with family and friends, which is unfortunately becoming more and more unpopular today with the rise of digital cameras and social media.

A simple and easy process

By simply connecting your Facebook account to our site, you can have a preview of your book in a matter of seconds. Then, you can make the final touches to make the book truly yours, by editing the styles, colors and layout.