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After reading our article on two good reasons to put his blook on sale, you are determined to plunge. Here are some tips that may be able to help you enhance your blook and that will for sure want to buy it.

1) Click blook as a separate book, not just as the book of your blog

On the internet there is a tendency to let go! The content will not play the same way and is often fleeting. But our culture attaches some importance to the book cover to be worked, the good quality photos, typography and spelling cared for.

Remember that you can create yourself your personalized cover and import it easily Blook in step coverage. Similarly, it is possible to change the content of each of your articles by clicking the corresponding pencil in the table allows you to sort your articles: re-read, delete the bad quality photos, and voila! Think that those who will buy your book will appreciate having a finished product in hand, thought in every detail.

2) Think about theme for the content and the price of your blook

Your blog may be quite heterogeneous, or perhaps is it dense ? Consider making theme blooks! If you have a cooking blog, for example! Create a blook with your cullinaires tricks, another with revenue last season! Or around a particular product! This allows for blooks thinner, cheaper and that will most interest to those who will buy it: your blooks be devoured whole!

Do not forget to read our article “Sort Items his blog faster & print themed blooks” to learn how to simplify this sort operation and careful selection of items!

Finally in the step of offering for sale, be sure to define a genre for your blook: your users and find you more easily on the BlookShop.

3) Share your Blook!

Once you have created your blook, please do not forget to share it. You are the best person to sell your blook and content that is yours! The first partition vector is of course your blog where you will receive all your readers. But do not neglect the social networks because all interractions do on your publications (shares, likes, comments, retweets and favorites) allow you to reach people you do not know who could also be interested in your work.

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