After connected paper, the digital is materialized again!

Paper is approximatively 3000 years old and it’s not ready to disappear.

On the contrary, paper has recently known a renewal thanks to the cohabitation with its sworn enemy!  The digital.

Nowadays, digital and book are no longer contradictory, but they complement each other. `

We all know QR codes or Flash codes. Children books now offer augmented reality, packagings of frozen fish tell us many informations about the product and where it’s been fished, the specie, the receipes you can cook with it.

Connected paper allows the readers, the companies and the brands to use a new space of information and communication thanks to our smartphone’s screen.

A girl on the street taking a picture with her phone

Thanks to digital technologies and databases, printing companies like Maqprint are able to print very customized contents and deliver documents limited to only a few people.

Part or all the elements (texts, pictures, graphs, colors, lay-out) composing a document or a book can be different from one another, allowing to target more efficiently the needs of the customers or readers.

Digital combined to databases opens up to the possibility of various marketing scripts. So, tomorrow an airline company could offer on-board customized magazines to travellers according to their own interests.

Proof that digital and paper mustn’t be opposed is BlookUp 

A paper book connected to a computer

Since 4 years, BlookUp offers to print books from personal blogs.

Today thanks to a reversed technology we lay-out digital flows, texts and pictures to turn them into real paper books.

Reasons to materialize your blog again are numerous. To keep a track of your writings, save it because you are afraid to loose it one day, and to offer it and share your book (books are a great gift!) or to sell it to other readers!

Making your “blook” (contraction of the words “blog” and “book”) is a great thing to do.

So, you can love digital, blogs, social networks… But also the smell of a new book, the touch of the paper, the pleasure to show it to others, commenting moments of your life around a nice and beautiful paper book.

A paper book opened in front of flowers


Formerly Blogspot, Blogger is a platform that many users are fond of!

It’s great to write about your daily adventures! To keep in touch with your loved ones when you travel around the world or to write about your everyday life as a mum.

A blog is the perfect place to keep a track of your digital writings.

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Your Instagram pictures printed in a book in seconds!

What’s better than an Instagram account to show your most beautiful pictures?

And share them with your loved ones? Well, we have an answer! A book of those pretty photos! BlookUp allows you to upload your digital contents, and your Instagram pictures, to customize and print a nice book that you will always keep near you!

A book of London instagram pictures

Furthermore, we have added new features allowing you to have bigger images and longer captions!  And all that in a nice square format 15cm x 15cm, with a beautiful paper! It’s easy, quick and effective for a quality book: printed in high definition colors, and you will receive your book 8 working days after your order! Why wait any longer to create the book of your Instagram ?

An Erasmus 's student instagram pictures in a book

You don’t have to fear loosing your data anymore, you will always have a paper track to remember your best memories in pictures!

A globe trotter pictures in a book

Print the book of your WordPress blog

You have a blog on WordPress that you have created several months or several years ago? Do you regularly publish posts and pictures on this private space? Like many people that are passionate? You invest your time and energy to make you blog everyday and like many people, you maybe tell yourself that it would be great if you could one day print the book of your blog. All to keep track of its digital content!

Well, thanks to BlookUp it’s now possible. To save your content, print it for yourself or to offer to others! We have made printing a blog  a reality for all bloggers.

an open blog book

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Leave your data to someone thanks to Google !

Have you ever thought about what will become of your digital datas when you’re gone?

Google has an answer for you !

You can now fill up your “digital will”, a document that will allow you to write down your last wishes regarding the datas on your Google applications.

Youtube, Gmail, photos in your Drive, documents… Weither you decide to give full access to someone you know, or you wish to just delete everything, the final decision is your own and will be applied when your account will be inactive during a certain period of time.


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Meeting with Frank, a basket lover and a blooker!

Two men on a basketball court

  • Tell us about yourself

Passionate about basket but also about writing, I opened Hoop Diary 7 years ago. First, it was a blog hosted on the website basketsession, and it was one of the “star blogs”. Then, the website was closed and I’ve created Hoop Diary on WordPress, to save all my writings.

I’m still very invested in the basket’s world, as a trainer after being Development Director for a minor ligue.

  • What is your blog about?

The first posts was really about my experience as a player and as a trainer, and my thoughts about it. My blog also contains videos of my trainings, it allows me to keep them somewhere.

Then, I’ve wanted to share stories around Toulouse’s basket, before they were forgotten. Finally, Hoop Diary became the website for all the pyrenean basket, some of my posts were shared on other websites.

At last, there are many categories on my blog, including “les routards du basket” (I retrace the steps of big players), “Hoop” (where I highlight picturest grounds). This last category gave birth to my Instagram account.

  • Why did you decide to print your  basketball blog?

I’ve always been fascinated by books, in general. A furnished library is the most valuable thing in my house! Print my blog was the chance for me to keep a paper track of my writings and give body to them thanks to the book. I also intend to publish my own book one day, about the pyrenean basket’s history.

  • How did you know BlookUp?

Thanks to a Valentine’s Day gift! My wife printed my Instagram account, and then I had my blog printed. She’s a blogger too, that’s how she discovered BlookUp.

  • What are the positive points?

The possibility to sort, organize the posts. It’s very easy.

A book with basketball instagram pictures

  • How can we improve our service?

More choices for the covers (colors, photos…). Some posts were in two different categories, so it was a little hard to classify them.

  • What do you think of your basketball blook?

The result is good, with quality paper. Regarding the Instagram blook, I think it’s perfect!

A book with instagram basketball pictures

  • What does your family think about your basketball blook?

The feedbacks are very positive, it gives a new life to my blog and allows them to dive into the posts again!

  • Would your recommend BlookUp?

Yes I would recommend BlookUp, and I will certainly make another blook in a while!

Two backcovers of basketball picture books

Meeting with a blogger mum and her blook!

Today, we would like to introduce you Patricia, writer on the blogs “Une maman blogueuse” (now closed) and “Un orage en été“. She tells us about why she printed the book of her blog, to turn its digital contents into a beautiful blook!

Blogger mum patricia holding the book of her blog

  • Tell us about yourself:

My name is Patricia, I’m 36, I’m married and I have two daughters of 7 and 3 years old. I live near Paris and I’ve been a blogger for 4 years now.

  • What’s your blogs about? 

My old blog, “Une maman blogueuse” (“a blogger mum” in english), talked mainly about the daily routine of a family, about education, activities for the kids, questions you ask yourself when you’re a mum. The new one, “Un orage en été” (“a storm in summer” in english), also talks about these things because I’m still a mum and those topics still interest me a lot but I felt the need to talk about everything I enjoyed as a woman. There’s beauty, fashion, travels, activities (but not just with the family), cooking recipes… It’s a mix of all the things I love.

  • Why did you decide to print your blog into a book? 

When I decided to close “Une maman blogueuse” to only write on “Un orage en été”, I felt the need to keep a material memory, more than just Word files.

I’ve written for 3 years on this blog, and many posts meant a lot to me, especially those regarding to the “evolution” of my kids.

I thought the idea to print your blog into a book was fun. This way, I can dive back into it whenever I feel like it and my daughters can read it someday.


  • How did you know BlookUp? 

I already knew that I wanted to print my blog into a book, so I did some internet research and BlookUp was part of the possibilities.

  • What are the positive points about the platform? 

The big positive point is the simplicity of use. The explanations are very clear and it’s very easy.

  • What can we improve? 

I think it would be nice to offer more choices regarding the templates and colors. I also think that, when you have to print several book, we should be able to make them from the same blog import.

  • How do you find the final result? 

Despite all the things you can improve as mentionned up above, I love the result. The quality of the book is very good, the images are beautiful and the paper is soft to the touch.

  • What does your family say about your blook? 

My close relations thought it was a very good idea. The book is at the disposale of everyone in the living room, and they like to be able to read a post that they’ve enjoyed on the occasion.

  • Would you recommand BlookUp?

Yes, without a doubt. Among the other websites that offered this service, BlookUp was the one with the most beautiful and less expensive products. Furthermore, the delivery was quick and, as I said, the product was of very good quality.


Thank you so much for your testimony Patricia! We’re happy to see that you are pleased with your blook. If you also want to print the book of your blook, go to our website: inscription and import are totally free!


When you go on a trip, you always want to keep in touch with your relatives and keep a track of those beautiful moments… And the best way to do that is very simple: make a blog and write all about your adventures!

  1. Choose the platform

The first step is also one of the most important. To create your blog, you first have to think about the blog platform where you will write your posts. But luckily, there are plenty and you will have the choice! The most famous are WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger but there’s many more. Each platform will allow you to write and present your contents (texts, photos…) in a different way, and you have to choose the one that’s going to match with what you want to do.

  1. Write everyday

The next step is also very important : the writing. It’s essential that you force yourself to write a little everyday on your blog, so that you won’t forget the little stories. The consistency of your posts will also allow your relatives to feel close to you and your adventures, like they were with you the whole time! Once you’re back, you will enjoy the little details in your posts that you wouldn’t have been able to read if you hadn’t write about it every day. Of course, you mustn’t write 5 pages per day… But do it a little every night (or morning), you won’t regret it!


  1. Make everyone a part of your blog

If you travel with your family, friends or with your lover, the blog can be a nice way for everyone to express their feelings and point of view about the trip. If everyone write on the blog, the final result will only be better and the memories more numerous and beautiful! You can also ask your relatives to comment your posts, so everyone is really a part of your journey.

  1. Be a part of a community

Once everything thing else is done, you can connect and talk with other travel bloggers so they can give you advices on how to make the best of your journey! It’s always useful to have the opinion of other people about a destination, activities to do, how to manage your blog… You can meet bloggers from the country you visit (so they can teach you about their culture) or bloggers that have already been to a city and can advise you on what to visit there.

  1. Import your blog on BlookUp


What if someday everything disappeared? Don’t panic, we have a solution! BlookUp allows you to easily import your digital contents (travel blog, Instagram account with beautiful photos) to make them into a beautiful book to remember every moment of your journey! In order to do that, you have to prepare your blog: insert legends under your photos, check misspellings and the order of your posts, add categories… All you have to do then is to select the posts you want to be printed in your blook (contraction of the words “blog” and “book”): and that’s it! You’re free to create several books from one blog, one per year or one per country.

BlookUp allows you to print the book of your blog from one copy, with a price according to the number of pages, that you receive directly at home. You keep all the copyrights, and you can also decide to make your blook public and sell it in our Blookshop!

That’s it: you’re ready for your big adventure and become a great blogger (and blooker)!


You have a blog, finished or not, that you keep updated from a long time and you wish to delete it? BlookUp can help you turn it into a beautiful book to remember your work. You publish a lot of photos on you Instagram or Facebook account, and you now wish to print it for a private use? BlookUp is here to help!



50, 10 or only 1 copy. Print exactly the number of books that you want, while having a great printing quality thanks to digital printing on demand. This new method is already used to print photo albums, allowing to reduce the final price and print only the quantity of books that you wish to purchase.

Livres éventail


Thanks to BlookUp, import the content (photos and texts) of your blog or social account, modify it, delete posts that you don’t want to keep, customize the page setting and the cover to create a book that looks like you.

So, ready to try it?

Our favorite travel blog : “the children of the ocean” by Fany and her family !

Today we have decided to tell you about our little travel blog crush… It’s the story of Fany, her husband and their two children who sailed away from the Mediterranean to see what it was like across the world… In French Polynesia! 2 years of a beautiful trip, printed in very nice blooks. Books and adventures : that’s what dreams are made of!

  • Introduce yourself in a few words:

Time of departure : August 2013. We are a family, couple (45 abd 39 years old) with two little children. Manoa, a 6 years old boy and Louna our 3 and a half years old daughter. Purchase of the sailing boat summer 2011. Preparation of the two next years, as initially planned. We’ve left our jobs, 1 year before departure for Fany, and 3 months before for Guy.


  • What’s your blog about?

A 2 years family trip, on a sailing boat. Destination : French Polynesia, from the mediterranean coasts. 2 years of  budget. A year to reach the Pacific ocean through the Panama Canal, and another year to enjoy the polynesian archipelago. The name “MOANA” means “ocean” in tahitian language. Our destination is directly linked to the name of the sailing boat.

Itinerary: Balearics and Spanish Coast, Strait of Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, transatlantic liner, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Grenadines, Grenade, Bonaire, San Blas, Panama, Galapagos, Polynesia : Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu archipelago, Society Islands.

Port of call only in islands, few visits to the land, the point being to discover unreachable places and meet with isolated populations. Report of the life on board, happiness and troubles. Mechanic problems, weather troubles. School for the kids. Discoveries and walks, encounters, snorkeling… Resale of the boat in Tahiti, flight back to France, as initially planned.

  • Why did you decide to go on this adventure? 

A dream for Fany for about 15 years. Follow the trade winds, look at the stars, sail at the rythme of the wind, be under the Tropics. Discover other worlds, other people, other ways of life everyday, with the sun and the essential. Explore the islands. Be in harmony with the nature, show the beauties of this planet to the kids, so they can admire and protect it, be sensitive to the animals and their natural environment. Step away from the consumption european society, be aware of the resources, to drinkable water, to the food… To the pollution.

  • Why print your blog?

The blog was a heavy work all through the journey, because of bad (or inexistant) internet connexions. Beside the fact to be a great communication and sharing tool, this blog represents our photo album. It would have been impossible to sort the photos and write our adventure once we get home. The printing of those books, step by step of the journey, allow the kids to keep a material track of it.


  • How did you know BlookUp? 

Through a friend, who saw our blog and the work to keep it updated and advised me to print it when I’d be back. She gave me the name of BlookUp.

  • What are the positive sides of the platform? 

Very easy to use, nice presentation and clear explanations.

  • What are the downsides?

For a blog as big as ours, the problem is to import the blog every time we want to make a new book. The other downside is the size of the book. For us, 200 pages is not enough ! Lower the prices… But thankfully you make offers regularly and granted me discount as a “good customer”.

  • What do you think of the organization and making of your blook?

The tools are very easy to use, fast, and effective. I’ve chose the same design of each blog, but I would have appreciated a few more choices regarding the colors…

  • How do you find the final result?

Very good! But not excellent, because sometimes texts and photos are a little out of sync. I often have a comment on a page and the photo related on the other but I spend a lot of time modifying my posts on Blogspot.

  • What are the opinions of your family?

They think it’s a very good idea to print the book of your blog! They enjoy reading them although they followed our adventures from day to day thanks to the blog.

  • Would you recommend BlookUp? 

The printing quality is exceptional and I’m very pleased with the photo, even under water, the colors are perfect. Yes, I recommend BlookUp because I have seen other websites, more expensive and less beautiful regarding the quality of the photos. It’s a nice way for our kids to remembers those times because they’re still little and have already forgot some things!

Thank you a lot Fany for your testimony, and we leave you to dreams with a few pictures of paradise… It makes us want to go on a journey ourselves!