Zoom on… Les voyages de Jérôme

Because the web is full of blogs, each one more interesting than the other, and because we never have enough time to see everything… We decided to make you discover our favorite blogs. The ones that have marked us, made us travel, moved us or made us laugh. Blogs that are simply worth sharing.

This week, we highlight the adventure of Jerome who goes to discover Italy. He highlights Rome by talking about the Vatican, Tuscany, Siena… and he doesn’t intend to stop there. He tells all his travels in articles written in a simple and authentic way: we have the impression to travel with him!

Good plans, nice places to visit,… the articles are complete and illustrated with pictures, each one more beautiful than the other. Because if he mainly tells his escapades, the young adventurer does not hesitate to share his advices and other anecdotes for the future travelers. Serious articles, but always told and illustrated in a light way… So at BlookUp, we could only love it 🙂

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