Your Instagram books printed in the color of YOUR choice : COLORS UP!

Take advantage of our bright, neutral, pastel or dark colors …

Not more than 42 colors to personnalise your book as you want !

a group of instagram books with different colors

Create book covers that look like you and stick to the content of your book! What better ? Personalization is one of our watchwords.

Sail with passion in our rainbow of tinted palettes, from the most tangy and vibrant, to the sweetest and pastel.

Create your ideal blook!

Your memories deserve a place of honor and thanks to our new range of shades, you will be able to display your emotions in a colorful blook!

Woody and natural tones 

new forest color palet

Metallic and urban shades 

Blookup's suggestion of  new color palets

A reminder of summer, the sea and the beach

new ocean color palet

A soft harmony

New colors pastel palet

A tart gradient between twilight and dawn

New colors sunrise palet

All the stages of an intense sunset 

New colors sunset palet

For a punchy vibe

New colors popart palet

These 7 palettes come with 6 of the brightest colors each, what are you waiting for to try them out?

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