What is the Instagram algorithm? How does BlookUp manage to print my favorite social network?

According to some studies, only 10% of your community sees your posts in their Instagram feed. The reason ? The Instagram algorithm!

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Social networks are constantly evolving and improving the user experience day by day. If they manage to create a huge community, the question of the visibility of each profile still arises.

It is therefore very important to follow its progress! And above all to understand the algorithm. If we want an Instagram followed and consulted, we must also be able to save its data. Sustainable!

How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2020?

Instagram based its news feed on a chronological presentation principle which is no longer the case. Today, it builds and promotes accounts with a high engagement rate. It is therefore imperative to remember to focus on interactions with your users! Have an eye on what’s being said about you and join the conversation in your comments. This is to maintain a high engagement rate! In short, do not hesitate to start the conversation whether it is on your profile or that of someone else!

Therefore, in addition to a strong presence it is imperative to use features such as stories! It’s an excellent means of communication that increasingly dominates all visual platforms! This is an element taken into account when you use the features and labels offered!

The algorithm is also based on a principle of predictive behavior! Your past and present activity, the people you follow and the posts you double tap! These are indications to the algorithm in order to channel your main activity into your flow. You will generally find these predictive posts at the top of your “home” insert.

The instagram RATP blooks displayed on a table
The instagram RATP blooks displayed on a table

Therefore, it is imperative to think about each of your legends in order to ensure that they are as optimized and attractive as possible! This will make users more likely to read and spend more time on your publication.

Keeping track of your work afterwards is possible! Thanks to BlookUp, you can print the book on your Instagram social network and archive this precious optimized content! Who knows, you may be able to show it to another user in order to help them respect the algorithm in turn, if the latter does not change again! 🙂

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