Community Managers: the proof by the book

community management and it's actors

Archiving the job of your community manager

Your exchanges with your community are very visible on the social networks.

But how long?

To emphasize the work of your social media managers, or just to archive their work, you can print the book of your community management!

To write and archive  the exchanges on paper will allow you to value them. But also to supply an unpublished and sustainable object to those who would still have doubts on the marketing interest of the community management. Immortalize your most viral campaigns or even your events live Рtweet.  And keep a track of each of your comments!

BlookUp mae books with Facebook, of Instagram, of Twitter (on request) as well as most of the platforms of blog.

Within the framework of our corporate services, we suggest you personalizing your blook: do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail since our page pros!


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