A magazine size blog book in Printed!

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You wanted to create your own magazine size blog  but you did not know how to take you there? BlookUp made it possible for you.

This week is the one of the launch of our new size: print right now your blog in a book of 20×27 cm!

It will look like then exactly that you wish to create and it is true without tiring you. For those interested in the opportunity to create a book, a magazine or a magazine to show their work, photos in the size of 14,2×9,6 cm will allow to have a beautiful overview in detail and on paper of their realizations.

You will have understood, this size format is ideal that it is a question of creating a family album, an album of journey or holidays, its own cookbook or another professional review.

print my blog

Furthermore, who says bigger, said blook fewer pages.

Indeed, this size can be realized in 200 pages maximum, but 4 photos in size portrait bring in on a single page what allows you to have more contents with a bigger and finer book. The use is different from a size 15×21 cm but it stays of the self-publishing in a very interesting price!

a blog book the size of a magazine on a table

The minimum is as for the smallest size: 24 pages are enough for creating a book. But even if the size of the mag blook gets bigger, the price does not almost change: the first 24 pages are all the more interesting for this size magazine as the price is about eleven euros.

To you to play: create your own magazine by clicking here!

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