Emma printed her blog with BlookUp : her opinion

Emma owns a cooking blog. She shares all of her recipes with her readers. She chose BlookUp to print her blog and turn it into a book to keep all of her recipes.

  • Hello Emma, let’s introduce yourself !

My name is Emma and I work in the medical field. I love the Internet, it was made for curious people like me !

  • What is your blog about ? Why did you decide to print your blog ?

The story of my blook is kind of special. My blog actually doesn’t exist anymore. I created it ten years ago, because my friends and family always wanted me to share my recipes with them. Instead of writing it on a paper everytime, I thought it was a good idea to created a website. I actually wanted my friends to share their recipes too, so I gave them the login and pass words. But they never did it. Anyway, I decided to keep on sharing mine though.


  • How did you discover BlookUp ?

I discovered BlookUp on a blog post. I didn’t know it was possible to print your blog… and it was the perfect way for me to keep all of my recipes before my blog disappears !

  • What did you like about BlookUp ?

BlookUp interface is very easy to use. The final book is really beautiful and good quality !

  • What did your friends and family think about your blook ?

They loved it ! They think the idea of printing a blog is really nice, and they love to read my recipes on a real book instead of on the Internet.

  • This is not the first time you print your blog with BlookUp. Why did you chose to print it again ?

The only reason is… I have been asked to ! I printed 3 blooks for each fo my daughters and then I realized I forgot to print one for me ! Cooking with a book is definitely better than with a webpage. Then, my friends and family asked my to print one for them…


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