Hervé printed his blog : his opinion

Hervé is a 57 year-old man passionated about motorbike and travels. He left France during 3 months and travelled through Europe, in the goal to discover new countries riding his motorbike. He decided to create a blog to tell his adventures  day by day.

He wanted to print his blog to keep those memories and to read his own book. He also wanted to print his blog for his family, as a gift. Christmas is coming, and this gift idea is a good one !

Hervé explains : « I discovered BlookUp while reading a French Newspaper. I realle loved the idea of printing your blog, and this was actually exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find an easy way to turn my blog into a book. Making this one with BlookUp was very easy and quick. Formatting my book was simple, you can choose which articles you want into it. Thank you BlookUp ! »

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