India Travels (and more) with Sidhartha!

Sometimes, travelling is not about physical adventures in the wild, or sunbathing on a tropical island, nor about high athletics achievements from city to city, on a bike or in a sport car.

In fact,  Sometimes, travelling means wandering around, just listening to the sounds and discussions around you, share thoughts and precious moments with the people you casually encounter, enjoying the colours and the forms of the Nature that surrounds you.

Sidhartha Satpathy is one of those travellers, and he made his blook out of his travel blog. Today, we offer you to explore with us his work and his thoughts about those experiences!


A statue of a mythological demon in India

“The beautiful Mythological demon lord Ravana, carrying the three worlds on his head. A beautiful stone carving on the walls of Halebidu in Karnataka, India. The carvings would give you a feeling of being so lively that they could come out and stand in front of you.”

St. Mary's island on the western parts of India

“The beautiful St. Mary’s island on the western part of India. A shore filled with shells, making it very unique in the vast coastal belt of India.”


– First, tell us about yourself : You, your passions, your hobbies, your projects…

I basically would call myself as a wonderer. Someone who loves to explore the many aspects of life. I started to travelling a little late in my life but today it an integral part of me. I love to travel through various modes of transport. My interest and passion apart from Travel is in Photography and writing. Writing is mostly about my travels but I also write stories. So far written four short stories. Hope to write more as they unfold for me. I love to be in the lap of nature and that has intrigued me always. So most of my projects are on Travel & nature. I am planning for doing a small work on the artisans at Odisha (Eastern state of India).

Farmer taking his buffalos to the fields in India

“Farmer taking his buffalos to the fields. A very common sight in the hinterlands of Odisha.”

Cashew factory women in India

“At the Cashew factory where, despite of the difficult working conditions, there is a smile and warmth that floats around with the women who work there. They chatted up and had fun in the short time that we were there.”


– What is your blog about? Why? Do you have other blogs? If so, what do they talk about?

I have done a few trips outside India (my motherland) but I love this country for its diversity. India is so diverse that most of the time we only get to know the parts of the country that is well shared and spoken about on the net. My website / blog ( that I currently use is a travelogue. I travel to places that are of little known but carries a lot of history, architecture and geography. This blog is just a year old and I am in the process of putting in more as things unfold. I am also working on capturing my past travels.

I also have another blog page ( This I started eight years back with an objective to share what ever I feel or experience. Today it is focused more on stories, poetry, some of the happenings around me. Though I have currently linked it up with the main webpage but keep it separate and that gives me the space to compartmentalise and structure my thoughts.

Sidhartha's son trying the manual nut opening in India

“My little one was having a try at the manual nut opening process. Though the manual process is prevalent but these machines have started to speed up the process.”

Sidhartha in a field in India

“Me in the midst of a lusty farm land, the lands that feed the millions in our country” 


– Why did you want to turn your India blog into a book?

Off course, web is something that one would last for ever and will be accessible to a lot of people around the world. But a book gives it a personalised feeling. The photographs on my page are all mine and I had taken care in shooting and putting them up along with my free flow of thoughts. So getting it printed and seeing them come to life is amazing. It is a treasure of places which I can share it with my friends in a physical form. It is amazing to see the content in a form that I could hold it, read it, feel it.

Put simply I just treasure it.

– How did you find out about BlookUp?

Oh, that was on FB. I have been thinking about getting my content printed and BlookUp just happened. ☺


Winter in Chantilly, France

“The wilderness in some of the backyards at Chantilly, France. They are breath taking and one could spend months just soaking it up all”

Eiffel Tower view from Sacre Coeur

“The Eiffel Tower viewed from the Sacré Cœur. A delight for a traveller to watch the wonders from one part of the city to another while travelling.”


– What are the positive and negative points of the making of your blook?


– It is simply beautiful. I love the concept and the way it has come up.
– It is very easy to use and the transfer of content is very easy.
– Additionally what I liked was that all my hyperlinks could also be printed up.
– The paper quality of the blook is amazing.

Some thing that I would love to have:

– Realised that other languages I cannot get it print. My poetry in Hindi language at the beginning of some of the blogs were just converted to webding (Square boxes) and that kills the crux of my blog. Could those just be picked up as image if not converted. (I knew what I was getting but I wanted the outcome. I may print and paste it for future usage)
– Somewhere the layout that I had in the page it just gets distorted. Though I would say to me it did not make much of an impact but it could be worth looking at.
– The hyperlinks could get numbered and the details shared at the end of the article.
– I can’t edit anything if I want to.
– The cover page designs, may need some looking through.They are dull.. need more creativity there.
– The website has french layover. There were times when I had to go to the google translator to get the meaning of words.

Having said so I must say, “You guys just stuck to the time of delivery and is very neat. Very prompt. I got the blook bang on time. Wow, and that having got it sent from France. No follow ups, nothing. Simply fantastic”.


Col Saheb Island Water channels and palm trees

Col Saheb Island – “The beautiful water channels offers some pretty sights for one to enjoy and shoot around. With the dark clouds looming in the vicinity, it was a delight.”

Col Saheb Island Water channel

Col Saheb Island again – “A shot of the water channels, it is really the Venice of India with all its local flavours.”


– Do you enjoy the final result? What does your family and friends think about your blook?

I am thrilled with the outcome. A book as such as a collection and coffee table is a wow. Friends and family members are trilled by the outcome. I have been taking it around and sharing it with others.

– Would you recommend BlookUp?

Oh yes. I certainly would be using it often for some of my future creations.


Incense sticks burning

Chateau against a setting sun in Paris

Contrasts and colors of Sidhartha’s trips: At the top, incense sticks burning at one of the Col Saheb Island’s temples; At the bottom, a beautiful Chateau against a setting sun in Paris.


Thank you Sidhartha for answering our questions and making us travel through your captions and stunning photos! We hope that the new features coming in the future for our tool will satisfy you when you have more travel stories to tell!

Want to share you blog and BlookUp stories too? Contact us at!

The most impressive books of the World !

Last November, we talked about the little book of Evan and his idea to compile all the little pleasures of life. Revisiting this article, a question crossed our minds.

What about the great books? What are they talking about?

Two of them particularly caught our attention, and for one good reason. 

Each of them, in their way, can be considered as the greatest books in the world, although not formalized by the Guinness Book. By the way, did you know?

The greatest book formalized by the Institute of World Records was unveiled by the Mshahed International Group in Dubai in 2012, measures 5m x 8.06m and weighs 1500 kg!

With this in mind, we were already very excited to search for more!

The Tripitaka – Kuthodaw Pagoda, Burma

Kuthodaw stupas

The Tripitaka brings together all the founding texts of the Buddhist religion since the 1st century BC.

However, the “world’s biggest book” – in a symbolic sense – was only born in 1868.

Several tons of written surface are spread over nearly 730 headstones entierely made of marble! Protected in their stupas, small carved temples commemorating Buddha, these imposing stones are about 1.5m tall for about 13cm thick and remain accessible to the public today.

You can go admire and browse this book of several volumes (listed in the Memory of the World Register) at the Kuthodaw Pagoda, gigantic temple designed as a monument to the glory of Buddhism, in Burma.

Kuthodaw headstones

Hours of reading are awaiting… Provided that you can understand Pali!

“Pátria Amada” – Brasilia

Patria Amada Congress Brasilia

Exposed right in front of the Congress building in Brasilia, the book “Pátria Amada” is, according to its author Vinicius Leoncio, “the biggest book in the world”.

With a height of 2m and weighing almost 7 tons, it would be remiss to contradict him!

The lawyer has collected in this book almost four million tax regulations, for a total of 41,266 pages.

This conscientious author, who affectionately and ironically titled his book “Beloved Nation”, denounces the heaviness of the Brazilian tax system where, according to him, “a company passes on average 2,600 hours a year to solve its bureaucracy, against 180 hours of Europe […] in Brazil, we create around 35 tax rules by day.

The story does not say if the Brazilian parliamentarians began to dissect this very complete book, but if simplified tax reforms begin to take shape soon, we can suspect that it would have contributed to their creation.

The next person to make an impression in the world of books may be you!

So if these examples inspired you, you can get started! BlookUp certainly does not propose the Obelisk format yet , but 500 pages make a pretty good start for GREATER projects …

Record : Pauline printed 17 books thanks to BlookUp !

Today we are proud to announce that we have broken a little personal record: the number of books ordered in a single time on our website ! Pauline achieved this, with 17 beautiful travel blooks, that she will share with her whole family thanks to our BlookShop. So, now she’s going to tell us a little more about her adventure…

  • Tell us about yourself:


A GUY : Benoît, 28 years old, golf geek and crazy about football !

A GIRL : Pauline, 26 years old, auditor and pastry chef !

  • What is your blog about?

Since life is beautiful,
Since “life is short”,
Since nothing from the “grown-ups world” held us back in France (no property, no baby…),
Since spanish is such a beautiful language and it’s so classy to be bilingual,
Since we are thirsty for adventures and life experiences,
Since this project was our dream,
Since it has been on our minds for a long time,
Since there is no “perfect time”,

==> We have decided to go on an 11 months trip in Latin America, and to share it with all our family and friends in a blog !


  • Why have you decided to print your blog?

Honestly, we have put all our heart and a lot of energy into this blog! It has really been our travel journal, where we wrote all our impressions, everything that we felt, discovered, saw… So imagining loose it the day where we would no longer pay for the domain name, it broke my heart : we had to find a solution!

A traveller friend told me that her cousin (who is a designer) made her a surprise and printed her blog when she came home, and I thought it was great!


  • How did you know BlookUp?

I simply asked the question to Google “how to print your blog?” -thank goodness he’s here!- and BlookUp was the first answer, but also the most satisfying offer. So I’ve jumped on the occasion !

  • What are the perks of BlookUp?

*BlookUp allows you to print your blog, with a minimum work regarding the page setting

*customer service is fast, effective and professional

*the printing and delivery are fast and high quality


  • What are the downsides?

Let’s say “axis for improvement” :

*give the choice of a smaller font

*allow more flexibility in the page setting

*maybe speed up the making of the blooks

  • What do you think about the making and the organization of your blook?

The platform is very easy to use! There’s no need to download a program on your computer, everything is online! You can select exactly which post you want to publish or not, and work on the page setting. Furthermore, the “Help” section is very well documented and explains all the features on the website!


  • How do you find the final result?

Very beautiful and very professional!

  • What are the opinions of your family?

All the family thought this idea was great, be able to read our adventures on a “more conventional” support than the internet, keeping a material memory… And so we have a full pre-order list !


Thank you to Pauline for granting us her confidence, and we leave you with the beautiful picture of this order ready to meet its recipient!


Hervé printed his blog : his opinion

Hervé is a 57 year-old man passionated about motorbike and travels. He left France during 3 months and travelled through Europe, in the goal to discover new countries riding his motorbike. He decided to create a blog to tell his adventures  day by day.

He wanted to print his blog to keep those memories and to read his own book. He also wanted to print his blog for his family, as a gift. Christmas is coming, and this gift idea is a good one !

Hervé explains : « I discovered BlookUp while reading a French Newspaper. I realle loved the idea of printing your blog, and this was actually exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find an easy way to turn my blog into a book. Making this one with BlookUp was very easy and quick. Formatting my book was simple, you can choose which articles you want into it. Thank you BlookUp ! »

Pierre turned his blog into a book : his opinion

Pierre is a young french guy who left France during one year to travel and discover new cultures. He told all of his adventures in his blog, shared his photos and gave some advices. He wanted to keep all of his memories in one book, so that is why he decided to turn his blog into a book. Discover his opinion about BlookUp.

Hello Pierre. Let’s introduce yourself !
My name is Pierre. I was 26 and lived in Nantes (France) when I decided to leave everything and travel for one year. I went to Asia and Australia. I love sports and I currently live in Pau (France).

What is your blog about ?
My blog is all about my travels. From Nepal to Indonesia and Australia… All of my adventures, experiences and memories are in this blog. I also gave some advices for the other travelers. This is a personal blog which was not made to be famous.

Why did you create this blog ?
I actually did not know if I wanted to write on a travel diary or to create a blog. I finally decided to make both. My blog was the perfect way to tell my feelings, meetings, stories and to describe all of the amazing places I saw. I also wanted to stay in touch with my friends and family and to tell them what I was living.

I am not good to keep all the memories and details in mind, so having a blog was a good idea to keep all of this !


Why did you want to print your blog ?
I just wanted to have a real book to show to my friends and family, or all of the other persons I know who would like to know more about the 9 countries I discovered. I also wanted to show it to my grandparents, who are not really interested by the Internet !

What did you like about BlookUp ?
This is really easy to use !! I did not want to spend hours and hours on making this book. BlookUp is a good tool to import your blog, and you can even choose which articles or photos you want on your book. Moreover, the price is very law compared to other websites.