Turn your PDF files into a real book with BlookUp!

The social media books of the international museum of lyon

Have you been writing stories for years? Are you about to finalize your collection of memories, your novel, your cookbook or poetry? Thanks to BlookUp your PDF file becomes a book and BlookUp gives you the possibility of printing it in small quantities.

To make your book, nothing could be simpler. Just follow 3 rules:

  • Import your book without the cover and the last cover, because our solution allows you to create a personalized cover
  • Format your pages in 15×21 cm or 20×27 cm format, the 2 available formats.
  • Finally, make sure your book contains between 30 and 500 pages maximum.
The inside layout of an Instagram book

After these steps, you just have to order and 8 working days later, you will receive your paper book at home. And you can also promote your new book by putting it in BlookSpace, our online bookstore. A great way to distribute your book to as many people as possible and reach a new audience!

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