Interview with the Communications Director at ORANGE

Which blooks have you created and in what context have you been using them?

We have created the Twitter “Top 100” blook for two of our accounts: @OrangeRSE, on which we enhance the group’s activities in the field of corporate social responsibility as well as our CSR policies. Aand a blook of @ODSForum, the Digital Society Forum’s account where we study the digital’s impact on various aspects of our life (work, health, citizenship…)

une personne tenant les blooks top 100 de orange
Twitter “Top 100” blooks of @OrangeRSE and @ODSForum

Discover the Twitter “Top 100” and our entire blook range

The blooks gather the tweets that have been shared over the course of one year: from january to december of 2018. These are two of our most active accounts, on which we share a multitude of content such as articles, videos, and infographics. We have offered the blooks to our collaborators and to the correspondents of our CSE ecosystem. These tools have enabled them to discover the entirety of our Twitter publications on an aggregated basis. Some of our colleagues were so intrigued that they wanted to create a blook of their own.

What motivated you to use blooks?

We have discovered BlookUp during an internal communications end-of-the-year event aiming to highlight the projects of various start-ups. And the concept of “Top 100” peaked our interest. We share an important amount of information on both of our accounts, but tweets are an ephemeral outlet. The impact generated by these posts is temporary. Materializing them enabled us to accentuate the educational aspect of the information that is being shared on these accounts. And to highlight our strongest moments, like our CSR events.

“It’s a high-quality tool that offers a new and different way of reading these contents. It has the surplus-value of print edition”

What are the advantages of this tool?

The blooks enable us to keep track of the evolution that both of these Twitter accounts go through. and extend the existence of our tweets. It’s a high-quality tool that offers a new and different way of reading these contents. It has the surplus-value of print edition: you can take your time to calmly leaf through the blook, bookmark the important pages, write on it if you want to… It enables us to reflect upon the entire posts that have been shared on this platform and to save these publications. We also had very pleasant exchanges with the BlookUp team and will be creating other blooks in the near future. 

We would like to thank Valérie Tiacoh for answering our questions. As well as Maïra Esteve, communications assistant, for the linking!

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