BlookUp gets a makeover !



For several months, our team have been working to provide you with greater comfort in the creation of your blook. We have been very attentive to your many comments and wish to satisfy them today.

We have implemented two major new features that will make creating your blook even more fun:

1 –A media library to better manage all of your photos. The media library brings together all the visuals of your social network or your blog.
You can now :

> Replace, delete and modify images of your posts and articles.
> Add new images from your computer or smartphone to deposit them in the media library.
> Access all the visual resources of your media library.
> Detect the quality of the visual of your cover.

2 – A new editing tool to better lay out your text and photos. You can now :

> Make line breaks between your texts, finally 🙂
> Delete, move and / or modify your photos in posts and articles.
> Change the layout of your photos.
> Modify the captions of your photos.

As of today, you can have all of these features.
Your social book will be more successful !

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