Print your Twitter account? It’s possible !

Exclusively … What if you could archive your tweets in a few minutes and immortalize them in a book? Well, this is possible thanks to BlookUp. Our e-commerce platform offers you a simple and innovative solution to transform your tweets into a paper book of your Twitter account in pocket format.

Rien de plus simple qu’éditer votre blook…  

To create your book of tweets, you must log on to our website and choose the product “The book of my tweets”. Click on the button “I discover my book”, then connect to your Twitter account, finally, authorize access by a secure protocol from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The creation of the account is free and secure.

You will then need to select the source you want to import and then the period of time that your book will include.

Our Twitter books have a limit of 300 pages, so we recommend that you do not choose too long a period, depending on your frequency of publication.
Don’t worry, you can refresh your Twitter book to change this period at any time and also create multiple volumes.

BlookUp takes care of the automatic generation of your Twitter book, the waiting time generally depends on the size of the content you import, but does not exceed a few minutes.

You can then edit your content as you see fit. Your book finally ready for printing, you just have to launch the order, it will be delivered to you within 8 days!

Discover employee advocacy and make blooks your best ally

Employee advocacy is a term for the desire to see your employees become ambassadors for your company. This strategy is a priority for anyone who understands the impact of social networks; therefore, the blook becomes the best way to optimize this approach.

Highlight the work of all your employees

Establishing a successful digital strategy takes time and motivation. However, the impact generated by the posts only last a few hours. Printing the content of your professional social networks will allow you to extend the reach of your publications, while promoting the hard work of your teams.

Make internal communication your asset

Why not place your company’s blooks near the coffee machine or a place to pause to encourage to encourage your employees to meet and exchange around your online content? This will increase the visibility of your brand and give it an even more positive image.

Don’t leave anyone behind!

Each member of your team may not have time to look at the company’s online activity or may simply not have social media. Thanks to blooks, you can give them all a quick wink on the activity of your structure and allow them to integrate into it.

Discover all our professionals books

Federate your team and improve cohesion

Employee advocacy allows employees of your company to speak. A real springboard for your company! It also allows them to live at the rhythm of the company and to post content around it. Create the blooks of your professional networks, support their participation and give them motivation to include themselves in this corporate strategy.

They will be able to see their own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter content through the pages of your future business blooks.

Your blook is a real reporting tool

The most important in an established strategy are the statistics. A blook is a perfect assessment tool, capable of judging the success of your strategy downstream. By opening your books, you will have a direct look at your posts and content. In addition, your teams will be able to understand what works and what doesn’t and adapt to it.

BlookUp : Blogs, networks, and a big THANK YOU !


First of all, we would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your growing support, your commitment, and sharing …

Indeed, since 2020, BlookUp has not stopped improving its functionality and that’s thanks to you!

On the social media side …

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Thank you also for being on our social networks, where we try to be at the forefront of digital news. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
We also focus on images … for your viewing pleasure!


Ready ? So choose your favorite platform (s), invite your friends and don’t be shy, write to us if necessary 🙂

BlookUp turns your social networks into a printed book!

Having a blook means keeping a tangible record of your blog or its original content on Facebook, Instagram or soon Twitter. This is what this start-up offers, which delivers blooks. Blouquins, in French.

the social media books of the museum of lyon
Social book

BlookUp has decided that the end of the paper book is not yet over. The start-up can retrieve articles from its blog, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, soon tweets, to make a book or a review. In short, she makes Blooks (contraction of blooks and blogs).

Social media tool
“The book made it possible to realize the volume of publications”

Turn your PDF files into a real book with BlookUp!

The social media books of the international museum of lyon

Have you been writing stories for years? Are you about to finalize your collection of memories, your novel, your cookbook or poetry? Thanks to BlookUp your PDF file becomes a book and BlookUp gives you the possibility of printing it in small quantities.

To make your book, nothing could be simpler. Just follow 3 rules:

  • Import your book without the cover and the last cover, because our solution allows you to create a personalized cover
  • Format your pages in 15×21 cm or 20×27 cm format, the 2 available formats.
  • Finally, make sure your book contains between 30 and 500 pages maximum.
The inside layout of an Instagram book

After these steps, you just have to order and 8 working days later, you will receive your paper book at home. And you can also promote your new book by putting it in BlookSpace, our online bookstore. A great way to distribute your book to as many people as possible and reach a new audience!

Go to BlookUp …

Turn your Blogger blog into a printed book!

Blog blook
Blog blook

Your blog is your confidant, you entrust all kinds of crazy stories to each other … It’s time to make them imperishable thanks to blooks!

You tell him everything: Your week in the Bahamas, your weekend at the beach, your wedding, the purchase of your last laptop or the opening of your last Christmas gifts, your holiday schedule, the progress of your work …

Your photos mark its pages and mark each passing moment. Your Blogger has seen your children grow, followed each step of your last painting, admired all the landscapes you have crossed. But although he keeps them in memory, your Blogger cannot give you the happiness of sharing the best moments of your life live with your loved ones, all together, gathered around the same memories!

This is where BlookUp arrives: In a few clicks, import the content of your Blogger into our online tool then choose your content, customize your cover, view your final layout for free … and order your blook!

You save the best of your blog on paper and keep it at home without fear of losing everything in an untimely computer crash. From € 9, you can reorganize your content by year or by theme and always have a book with you that tells you and looks like you!

For the more adventurous among you, you can even promote your book by putting it in the BlookShop, our online library. A new audience awaits you, and all thanks to your Blogger!

Print the book from his Twitter? It’s possible !

You may be wondering what a social book is. It is actually the possibility of importing your content from social networks and / or blogs and then printing it as a paper book. At Blookup, we offer you the possibility of creating your own social book from your Twitter or from a particular # !

Logo Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and one of the most popular in recent years. Its success comes from its dynamism due to the interactivity, and the information that it constantly disseminates. Indeed, Twitter users satisfy their need to be heard and to share. Twitter embodies freedom of expression, which can sometimes backfire, given the many controversies it can generate.


Twitter will always have this advantage that makes its competitors jealous: its instantaneousness.

It is above all a social network in real time, animated by the personality of its users. Each account is different and each user becomes the author of their profile. It is this concept of self-publishing that makes the relevance of a Twitter blook, because it is the social book that most retransmits the personality of its creator. It allows you to save and immortalize your tweets, however ephemeral.

Create the blook “The book of my tweets” or “My 100 most liked tweets” now and create the book that suits you! Make your book a best seller and sell it on your BlookSpace!

BlookUp present Facebook’s features and anecdotes !

Today, more than 2 billion people have an active Facebook user account, allowing them to share photos, messages, videos and moods of the moment.

But do you know all the facets of this platform?
You will discover in this article 10 features and anecdotes that you may not know about social network # 1!

Facebook logo
Facebook logo

1 – Secure your account

On average, 600,000 hacking attempts are made every day on Facebook accounts. What to prefer to secure your account.
A little-known functionality allows double verification during a new connection. To do this, simply go to the “security and connection” tab and then to “Connection approvals”. To do this, go to your settings by clicking on the fold-out menu at the top right of your Facebook home page. You will just have to create a password to secure your Facebook account!
You will also find in this tab the devices linked to your Facebook account. Thanks to this, you will be able to delete suspicious connections!

2 – Choose the publications of your news feed

In your newsfeed, do you have the impression that your friends’ content is lost in the mass of Facebook posts? Would you like to prioritize the publications you see? Well, this is possible thanks to this feature! it is indeed possible to see the publications of your friends and favorite pages first. To do this, simply go to the profile of the page or friend you want to appear in your news feed as a priority, then drag your mouse over “already subscribed” and finally select ” See first “in your newsfeed!

3 – Save the publications you like

Have you liked a publication but are afraid of forgetting it? An interesting article, a cooking recipe, videos that you want to watch later?
Facebook lets you save any post so you can find them whenever you want!
To do this, click on the three small dots at the top right of a publication and then select “Save publication”.
To access the publications you have saved, simply click on “Recordings” in the “Browse” category, to the left of your newsfeed! 🙂

4 – The origin of the logo

Have you ever wondered why the creator of Facebook chose a neutral logo composed of blue and white?
Blue is one of the only colors that Mark Zuckerberg sees correctly! Indeed, the creator of Facebook is colorblind and therefore chose a logo adapted to his view!

5 – The legendary “like”

The “Like” button on Facebook helped link content to a user in order to offer them more targeted content.
However, very few people know that this legendary button was originally called “Awesome”! But, finding this word too “heavy”, the choice was made to turn to “like”!
Since 2016, Facebook has launched the long-awaited extension of its Like button with 5 new emojis, allowing users to share their mood on each publication posted on Facebook.

7 – Facebook stories

First of all, Facebook stories allows the sending of voice messages with a colored background or with an image. These audios (20 seconds maximum) will disappear after 24 hours, on the same principle as Snapchat and Instagram.
The second feature that complements Facebook stories is to be able to directly save your own stories in the Facebook application.

Latest news on Facebook stories: the appearance of polls! Very popular on Instagram, it adds to the functionality!

8 – Two reception boxes for a single account

To access this second inbox, go to your “current” inbox then click on the parameter icon at the top left of the page. Select “Invitations by message”. Once on the “Invitations by message” page, click on “View filtered messages” to access your second inbox!

9 – Unusual facebook figures!

Likes distributed every minute: 1.8 million
Likes distributed every day: 4.5 billion
Content shared every day: 4.75 billion
Messages sent every day: 10 billion
Time spent on Facebook: 6.45 per month on average.
Photos added every day: 350 million
Photos on Facebook: 240 billion

10 – Printing your facebook is possible with blookup!

BlookUp allows you to keep your valuable publications on a professional quality book! the Facebook blook is a true testament to a period in your digital life. By creating a personal book on your Facebook, BlookUp invites you to step out of the game to keep a lasting record of your digital life.

To create your “Facebook” book, simply go to, authenticate yourself on your Facebook account and choose the period over which you wish to make your blook.

Free, the generation of the book will allow you to browse online the digital version of your Facebook book, before ordering your paper version!

Create the book for your brand’s Facebook page!

Your printed book
BlookUp prints your business pages and makes them a real communication tool.

Community Manager, social media managers? You are the drivers of digital communication for your brand, your company or even your association. Whether you work in an agency or even within the company, you use Facebook daily, which is an essential work tool for you. You frequently need to report on your activity on your Facebook Business Page. What could be more meaningful than a real paper book as living proof of your work. Your daily life on your social network!
This is what BlookUp has been offering since today. Our platform, already the leader in blog books in France and in Europe, is now targeting digital marketing. and social media professionals! This is to allow them to keep a written record of their “business” Facebook page.

Highlight your business in a unique way !

Capture the commitment of your fans, your best events or marketing operations, your best publications or photos. Promote your work to your boss ;-). Have a written record of its production, year after year or even surprise your collaborators, customers or partners by offering them a book on your Facebook page … For all these reasons, the book on your Facebook Pro is made for you! BlookUp gives you the possibility to have on hand the unique “paper” book of your company page or your brand. Because nothing replaces paper to keep written proof of your best exchanges handy! Especially with your fan community.

Are you a community manager? Get your social media book printed!

As a Social Media Manager or Community Manager, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are probably your main communication tools.

The task of making them attractive is up to you … But have you ever looked back to take stock of all that you have accomplished? Do you have a written record of the hard work generated throughout the year, the number of publications, reactions, shares, comments? Do you have a decision support tool, proof of the impact of your work with your general management?

BlookUp has the ideal solution for you: the Instagram book, the Facebook book or even the Twitter book. Take a look there !

Printed social book

An ideal tool for conscientious community managers

You embody the image of your company by posting diversified and engaging content, by organizing events, competitions, and by responding to comments with great reinforcements of punchlines and gifs.

This daily work is fascinating and constantly renewed. Each publication chasing the other, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of each action taken online.

The social book is the paper medium that will allow you to:

Report regularly on the activity of your page (s), month by month;
Take stock with your teams and superiors on the chosen editorial line, the way of working the visuals, writing the publications …
Take stock of the actions and publications that have worked, on the engagement and feedback of your community thanks to the exact transcription of the comments and the number of reactions elicited;
Promote your work to your management!

Bring your business to light

Capture the engagement of your fans, your best events or marketing operations. You will be able to have a written record of your production, will also allow you to surprise your collaborators, customers or partners.

Nothing replaces paper to keep written proof at hand that no, Community Managers don’t just laze on Facebook! 😉

The book on the Facebook Fan page can even become an internal communication journal for your business!

Facebook book