Create your blook in 10 mins only!

BlookUp knows how valuable is your time!

That’s why we have an offer for you : Create your blook from your comfort zone and on your laptop in less than 10 minutes. Amazing no?

So let’s start

  • Import of your blog’s contents (posts and photos): 2 minutes
  • Customisation of your book (format, font, size of the titles and photos): 3 minutes
  • Selection of your posts: 3 minutes
  • Cover: 1 minute
  • Creation of your blook’s preview and order: 1 minute

A few tips that help you save time:

  • Remember and save your username and password
  • Prepare your photo for your cover in advance
  • Prepare you summary text in advance

Keeping your most precious memories is worth 10 minutes of your time, don’t you think? Come, let’s go!

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