The Twitter Book of the Health Mutual EOVI MCD

We would like to thank Ilona Matei, Digital Communication Project Manager at the Health Mutual Eovi, for having taken the time to answer our questions.

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What motivated the use of the blook?

We chose these books to illustrate the winning strategy of our social media presence at the last Eovi Mcd Mutual Board meeting.

The print seemed an ideal complementary support to show our well-defined editorial line coupled with a successful content strategy. As well as our graphic identity that installs the brand. And we were not wrong when we chose this complementarity.

What results did you expect from the use of your blooks?

The books of our social networks were a selection of some moments of our very rich news. We have created them as a means to mirror our commitments and values ! As well as a summary of our actions in the territories.

Some brief but touching examples of solidarity, proximity, common action and altruism. And also a way to thank everyone who participates every day to make it possible. Such as our employees, our delegates, our partners and our members.

A simple way to show the story of Eovi Mcd members, delegates, partners and collaborators who act to as actors of their health in everyday life. An enhancement of projects that embody the values ​​of mutuality ! Dozens of actions of providence, solidarity and mutual help, all acts that reflect our primary mission of active solidarity.

What is your assessment of the use of these supports?

The books were extremely appreciated. Me being the first. I was surprised to realize how the look on social networks changes through the printed medium.

I had seen a TV report about this type of book, but before I held one in my hands I could not anticipate what effect it might have. As head of social networks we see all the work done for a year in a very visual and very rewarding support. The reports and the monthly and annual reports do not give us this overview, being rather in the figures, the graphs, the evolutions. On the other hand, the book is a complement, it shows the very visual aspect and the richness of the formats and contents and captures the attention immediately.

The members of the Board of Directors were able to see through these books the diversity of our speeches on Facebook and Twitter, a complementary proof of our presence in the territories and actions made for and with our members (marches and solidarity races, handisport, prevention stands, donations of blood, initiation to first aid, health prevention tips and many more).

What improvements / changes would you like to have made to your blooks / service?

I appreciated the speed of the teams. An example of agility to consider.A possible improvement: chapters on themes, using a semantic analysis of posts.

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