Why save your Twitter in a social book?

What’s a social book? It’s the possibility to import content from social media and/or blogs and then print it as a paper book. At Blookup, we give you the possibility to make your own social book from your Twitter! 

But with what aim?

woman with a Twitter book

Twitter is one of the most used social media and in these recent years, one of the most trendy. Its success comes from its dynamism due to interactivity, and the information it constantly distributes. In fact, Twitter users find immediate satisfaction with their need to be heard and to shareTwitter pushes the freedom of expression forward, which can sometimes not be in its favor, given the many controversies it can engender.

Twitter book of "My top 100 tweets"

Despite its flaws, Twitter will always have the advantage that makes its competitors jealous: its immediacy

It is above all a social media in real time, animated by the personality of its users. Each account is different and each user becomes the author of his profile. It is this self-publishing concept that makes the relevance of a Twitter blook, because it is the social book that retransmits most the personality of its creator. It allows you to save and immortalize your short-lived tweets

Create «The book of your tweets» or «My Top 100 tweets in a book», the one that represents you the most!

Make your book a bestseller and sell it on your Blookspace!

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