A customised book with the name of your child!

We’ve found the perfect gift for a mum-to-be or for little readers… A book that you can customise with the name of your child! A very creative concept, because the story inside the book adapts to the name you choose.


The idea is simple: it’s the story of a little boy or a little girl (as you wish) that has lost his/her name. Little by little, the child will find one by one the letter of his name and live some magical adventures at the same time. Every character that the child met will give him the first letter of his name… Louis will first meet a lion, and Chloe a chameleon!

What do you think about this concept, pretty amazing don’t you think? To know more about the “Lost My Name” project, it’s this way!

And if you want to create a customised book to offer a wonderful gift to your child, you can also print your family blog into a book or your most beautiful Instagram pictures with BlookUp 🙂

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