Pierre turned his blog into a book : his opinion

Pierre is a young french guy who left France during one year to travel and discover new cultures. He told all of his adventures in his blog, shared his photos and gave some advices. He wanted to keep all of his memories in one book, so that is why he decided to turn his blog into a book. Discover his opinion about BlookUp.

Hello Pierre. Let’s introduce yourself !
My name is Pierre. I was 26 and lived in Nantes (France) when I decided to leave everything and travel for one year. I went to Asia and Australia. I love sports and I currently live in Pau (France).

What is your blog about ?
My blog is all about my travels. From Nepal to Indonesia and Australia… All of my adventures, experiences and memories are in this blog. I also gave some advices for the other travelers. This is a personal blog which was not made to be famous.

Why did you create this blog ?
I actually did not know if I wanted to write on a travel diary or to create a blog. I finally decided to make both. My blog was the perfect way to tell my feelings, meetings, stories and to describe all of the amazing places I saw. I also wanted to stay in touch with my friends and family and to tell them what I was living.

I am not good to keep all the memories and details in mind, so having a blog was a good idea to keep all of this !


Why did you want to print your blog ?
I just wanted to have a real book to show to my friends and family, or all of the other persons I know who would like to know more about the 9 countries I discovered. I also wanted to show it to my grandparents, who are not really interested by the Internet !

What did you like about BlookUp ?
This is really easy to use !! I did not want to spend hours and hours on making this book. BlookUp is a good tool to import your blog, and you can even choose which articles or photos you want on your book. Moreover, the price is very law compared to other websites.


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