Record : Pauline printed 17 books thanks to BlookUp !

Today we are proud to announce that we have broken a little personal record: the number of books ordered in a single time on our website ! Pauline achieved this, with 17 beautiful travel blooks, that she will share with her whole family thanks to our BlookShop. So, now she’s going to tell us a little more about her adventure…

  • Tell us about yourself:


A GUY : Benoît, 28 years old, golf geek and crazy about football !

A GIRL : Pauline, 26 years old, auditor and pastry chef !

  • What is your blog about?

Since life is beautiful,
Since “life is short”,
Since nothing from the “grown-ups world” held us back in France (no property, no baby…),
Since spanish is such a beautiful language and it’s so classy to be bilingual,
Since we are thirsty for adventures and life experiences,
Since this project was our dream,
Since it has been on our minds for a long time,
Since there is no “perfect time”,

==> We have decided to go on an 11 months trip in Latin America, and to share it with all our family and friends in a blog !


  • Why have you decided to print your blog?

Honestly, we have put all our heart and a lot of energy into this blog! It has really been our travel journal, where we wrote all our impressions, everything that we felt, discovered, saw… So imagining loose it the day where we would no longer pay for the domain name, it broke my heart : we had to find a solution!

A traveller friend told me that her cousin (who is a designer) made her a surprise and printed her blog when she came home, and I thought it was great!


  • How did you know BlookUp?

I simply asked the question to Google “how to print your blog?” -thank goodness he’s here!- and BlookUp was the first answer, but also the most satisfying offer. So I’ve jumped on the occasion !

  • What are the perks of BlookUp?

*BlookUp allows you to print your blog, with a minimum work regarding the page setting

*customer service is fast, effective and professional

*the printing and delivery are fast and high quality


  • What are the downsides?

Let’s say “axis for improvement” :

*give the choice of a smaller font

*allow more flexibility in the page setting

*maybe speed up the making of the blooks

  • What do you think about the making and the organization of your blook?

The platform is very easy to use! There’s no need to download a program on your computer, everything is online! You can select exactly which post you want to publish or not, and work on the page setting. Furthermore, the “Help” section is very well documented and explains all the features on the website!


  • How do you find the final result?

Very beautiful and very professional!

  • What are the opinions of your family?

All the family thought this idea was great, be able to read our adventures on a “more conventional” support than the internet, keeping a material memory… And so we have a full pre-order list !


Thank you to Pauline for granting us her confidence, and we leave you with the beautiful picture of this order ready to meet its recipient!


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