LAST-BEST-ONLY-HOPE, With The Heart Of A Child

By F.W. Roman - Published on May 22, 2018
LAST-BEST-ONLY-HOPE, With The Heart of a Child, is the 2nd penned epic masterpiece of non-literature in the trilogy of Last-Beat-Only-Hope. The premise throughout is a dark to light theme emphasizing a belief in the teachings of Christ as being the only hope for each @ every one of us @ the human race, @ the world at large. We are all children of a loving God, this is THE LAST HOPE. All else has failed. When neglected, the world can be a cruel place. When embraced, the world becomes ours, we begin to live the best life has to offer, a beautiful place with beautiful people in it. Even with tragedy. we can still rock!
15x21 cm / 5.9x8.27 in
241 pages
$ 85.83

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