The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes a wave of excitement and warmth that invades our homes. It’s the time of year when streets sparkle with twinkling lights, homes are adorned with festive decorations, and hearts are filled with joy. For many of us, this time of year is synonymous with warm traditions, family gatherings and, of course, the discovery of exciting new stories.

At BlookUp, we believe in the power of words to create magical and inspiring worlds. This festive season, immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays through your pages filled with enchanting stories that will capture the imagination and brighten the spirits with your PDF book or album.

1. Classic Tales Written By You

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a touch of creativity straight from you. Discover contemporary versions of your favorite Christmas tales, where iconic characters come to life in surprising new ways.

2. Magical Winter Adventures

Immerse yourself in enchanting winter worlds with novels that capture the spirit of the season. From snowy forests to crackling fireplaces, you, the talented authors, create settings that transport readers on epic journeys where love, adventure and discovery reign supreme. Let yourself be swept away by tales that warm the heart and inspire wonder.

3. Holidays Gift Ideas

The gift of a book is the gift of a journey. This year, make Christmas an unforgettable experience by giving personalized books to your loved ones. At BlookUp, we offer a range of customizable PDF books that put the reader at the heart of the story. Imagine how happy your loved ones will be to discover that they can be the heroes of their own Christmas tale !

This festive season, brighten up your parties with stories that warm the heart and stimulate the imagination.

Happy holidays and happy reading !


In a digital age where our lives are woven through the threads of social networks, an idea is emerging: why not immortalize our virtual moments by transforming them into palpable memories? Transform your social networks into a paper book may seem retrograde in an age dominated by pixels, but it offers a unique perspective on the value of our online interactions. In this article, we explore the possibility of printing your social networks and how this can add a tangible dimension to your precious digital memories.

1. Capturing the Ephemeral

Social media are often ephemeral. The photos, messages and interactions that make our hearts beat faster one day can quickly disappear in the incessant flow of online information. By printing your publications, you create a tangible archive of those special moments, preserving your memories for future generations.

2. Transform your social networks Book

Imagine a book that tells the story of your online life, with each chapter representing a year on social networks. A virtual life book can become a physical chronicle of your digital journey.

3. Personalized and meaningful gifts

Giving personalized gifts is a growing trend, and printing your favorite social moments can be a great option.

4. Transform Your Space with Unique Memories

Turn your walls into a gallery of memories with prints of your favorite social networking moments. Frame funny tweets, artistic Instagram photos or meaningful Facebook statuses. This gives your space a unique personality and serves as a constant reminder of the precious moments you’ve shared online.

5. A Return to Authenticity

In a world of pixels and digital retouching, prints bring a touch of authenticity. Also, printed photos have a timeless quality that stands the test of time. They capture the emotion of the moment in a way that screens cannot fully reproduce.

Conclusion: Lasting Memories

Printing your social networks may seem like a throwback to a bygone era, but it’s also a celebration of the evolution of our relationships and the way we share our lives. Tangible memories create stronger emotional bonds and add a layer of reality to our digital world. So get the chance now to transform your social networks.


Welcome to the captivating world of literature, where every page is an adventure and every book tells a unique story. Dive into the heart of book self-publishing with BlookUp. Then transforms your imagination and thoughts into extraordinary reality. So discover the art of self-publishing !

BlookUp tries to offer an exceptional quality publishing. And we believe in the power of words to inspire, educate and entertain. You are exceptional authors, each a craftsman of the pen, transforming your ideas into literary works of art.

Explore imaginary worlds. Plus learn fascinating facts or share moments of laughter with our selection: the book and album of your PDF.

Whether you’re an avid reader in search of your next literary obsession, or an aspiring writer looking to bring your story to life, BlookUp is here to accompany you on your journey. Discover the art of self-publishing with us and let the magic of words take you away.


As the festive season approaches, give the best possible gift as a souvenir of this wonderful year 2023 : print your social network books !

Every photo taken, every place and person identified represents a special memory of a year . A year that is now passing and giving way to a new one.

So make the choice : print your social network books, browse through your best moments with friends and loved ones and embrace 2024 with a smile and ready to create new memories.


Have you always wanted to create your own book? To create a work of art, or even a masterpiece, made exclusively by you and only by you? Discover self-publishing now !

Show off your talent as a writer or musician, or keep your professional documents, diaries and memoirs close at hand. Choose your PDF book or PDF album to bring your ideas to life.

BlookUp has developed an innovative technology that allows you to import your PDFs in just a few minutes. Then print them in a 14.8×21 cm or 21×29.7 cm book on beautiful paper.

BlookUp exists not only to help you preserve your social data, but also to help you bring out the creative side in you. Let your talent shine through and discover self-publishing !


Would you like to print the profile of a specific page ? A page you particularly like? Your company or association? Discover your Facebook fan page book !

How to make your Facebook fan page book ?

You need to send us by e-mail or via the “help” tab opposite :

  • the URL of your Fan page.
  • the start and end dates of the book

Whether you’re a freelance Community Manager, a company, a brand, or simply a creative person, you’ve built a solid image and identity thanks to your Facebook page.

Printing your book also allows its author to rediscover his or her social media in another way. Very few people take the time to delve into their archives, which are full of old photos, stories and other memories. You’ll realize just how much writing has been done over the course of a year, or even a lifetime.

Don’t hesitate to discover the book of your Facebook fan page!


Print your own blooks with BlookUp.

You can import content from social networks and blogs. You can format them to your liking and print them out to keep a permanent record.

All your work, all your moments with family and friends are now at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in your memories, pass them from hand to hand. Give them as gifts and extend the digital experience by making them part of your social network or blog! A magnificent book to take with you wherever you go. Your blook is proof of your involvement on the web, your contribution to the Internet edifice !

You can create your books from :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Blog
  • WordPress
  • PDF

Print your blooks now!


It’s very simple; all you have to do is create an account on the BlookUp website.

Then all you have to do is give BlookUp access to the platform you’re using.

Once your content has been uploaded to the BlookUp platform, all you have to do is select the dates you want to appear in your book, and your book is ready in just a few minutes.


Edit your own book with BlookUp. Be your own publisher and show off your writing skills with the book in your PDF.

BlookUp has developed an innovative technology that allows you to import your PDF in just a few minutes.

Making your own book couldn’t be easier. Just follow 3 rules :

  • Import your book without the cover and back cover, as our solution allows you to create a personalized cover.
  • Format your pages to 15×21 cm or 20×27 cm, the 2 formats available.
  • Finally, make sure your book contains between 30 and 500 pages maximum.

After these steps, all you have to do is place your order, and 8 working days later you’ll receive your paper book at home. Don’t wait any longer; edit your book today !


From now on, you can print the book of your choice. BlookUp combines the digital and physical worlds, with the ability to print the book of your social network and more. It can be Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or the book of your blog. Print the book of your choice has never been easier with BlookUp !

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For your blog book, you can use the following platforms :

  • WordPress
  • Blogger/Blogspot
  • Overblog
  • Skyrock
  • Blogspirit
  • Haut Et Fort
  • Canalblog
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What’s more, you can also print your stories, songs, poems, business records through your PDF book. BlookUp exists not only to help you preserve your social data, but also to help you bring out the creative side in you.

Format your content with the software of your choice. Then convert your document into a PDF and upload it to our site. Finally, personalize your cover with our tool !

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Instagram is one of today’s most popular social networks. Users can share key moments with millions of other users. Today, BlookUp offers an incredible digital solution: the possibility of creating your own Instagram book. You’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go and and then revisit your publications with… your friends and family. What are you waiting for? Make your own Instagram book !

BlookUp lets you import content from social networks and blogs, format it to your liking and print it out as a permanent document. All your work, all your moments with family and friends, ready to be comfortably re-read. Immerse yourself in your memories. Pass them from hand to hand. Give them away and extend the digital experience by transforming your social network.

Also, our instagram photo book, with its sober, elegant aesthetic, puts the spotlight on the image and lets you put all your most beautiful photographs on satin paper, along with the number of likes and comments received for each of them.

Choose the publication period you’re interested in. Then select the photos you’d like to save, customize your cover and, in just a few minutes. Finally, get the most beautiful photo album of your social life on Instagram !